Puma really was shot at in his Ink2Art tattoo studio, so that wasn’t scripted, he wrote on his instagram page, about the Black Ink Crew episode that aired on at 9 p.m. Eastern on May 9, 2016 on VH1.

Also in that episode, Ceaser asked O&*(! if he had been intimate with Dutchess, and o@#$! said that it was just a rumor. Ceaser believed him.

Then Sky came to Black Ink and showed off her body that was plumped up by cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Miami. Sky said that she was happy, and was ready to really show it off (although she was still healing).

Sky Said to Pay Up

When asked about the incident between Dutchess and Donna, Sky said there was no mouth rape, and that Dutchess just didn’t want to make Ceaser angry. “Donna is really a lose nut,” Sky said. Sky was angry, because Donna didn’t pay for her part of the rental house in Miami. A group of women, including Donna accompanied Sky in Miami.

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Donna felt that didn’t have to pay, because she helped care for Sky after her cosmetic surgery procedure.

Donna came in the studio, and Sky immediately called her a dirty, filthy, dumpster mouth bi#$C. At first Donna was confused, but when she understood that Sky was angry, because she wouldn’t pay for her part of the house rental, Donna’s response was “get over it.”

“I waited on you hand and foot like a servant while you were recovering from surgery,” she said. “So after I clean you, feed you, change your diaper, wipe your a$$, I’m supposed to pay for my room? B$%F get out of here!”

They began throwing sofa pillows at each other, and suddenly they were throwing blows. Then Donna had Sky in a headlock

“Now we have beef,” Donna said. “We didn’t have it before. Now we’ve got it.”

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What Should Dutchess Do?

Dutchess was wishing that she was back in North Carolina. She called her mother to talk about what happened between herself and Ceaser. She explained that she took her ring off, because she wanted to hurt him for hurting her, and that was wrong. She was angry that Ceaser had a photoshoot with a half-dressed model and held her body parts for the photos.

Her mother told her to get through the Vibe photoshoot and open her salon first; then she should talk to Ceaser. “I can’t afford for another day to sit around and cry,” Dutchess realized.

O$h^t is MIA

Os*&T’s client was about to come, but the tattoo artist was nowhere to be found. Ceaser complained that O$h^t had been in the shop only one day all week.

He said that he had to get his act together. If he didn’t straighten up, he would have to be replaced. O$h^t’s client came in and Ceaser told the woman that her tattoo artist was MIA.

Melody’s Black Ink Tattoo

Ceaser recommended Melody to create the design for O$h^t’s, saying that she was a better artist. The client wanted an elephant as a symbol of peace. The Felicia, the client, said that she had a reputation as a violent girl when she was younger. Since she had a daughter, she wanted to find inner peace.

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Melody confessed in her interview that she didn’t like the miscommunications in Black Ink and she wanted everyone to be on the same page.

When she was finished, Felicia, hugged Melody and said that she loved the tattoo.

O$h^t, finally came in. He was reeking of alcohol. Everyone in the shop knew that he had drinking problem, but he went to rehab and had been doing better. Ceaser sat down with him, and told  O$h^t that he didn’t want to see him relapse. He didn’t needed to be on an emotional rollercoaster at this time in his life.

O$h^t said that everything was going wrong with Anya. His baby’s mother moved, changed her number, and wouldn’t allow him to see his daughter.

O$h^t said that when he is upset, he grabs a bottle. Ceaser told him that he was not sure if his tattoo artist would be alive in three years. He told O$h^t that he needed to focus on his art and that he needed to take a week off to get himself together.

New Information About Dutchess?

Donna met a friend at Chavela’s told her friend Tay about the incident between herself and Sky and also about what happened with Dutchess. Tay had been a manager at Black Ink. Donna also told Tay that she was tired of Black Ink. The friend revealed some interesting information about Dutchess to show that she was not as conservative as she likes people to think.

Tay said that when she worked at Black Ink. She was cleaning the desktop on the computer. She saw a file called Slut Whore and it was Dutchess. “It was really nasty,” Tay said. “…it was everything.”

Dutchess and Melody’s Vibe Photo Shoot

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Dutchess and Melody did the photoshoot together. They were developing a friendship based on their mutual respect of each other.

Shots Fired at Art2Ink

Puma, the owner of the Art2Ink was shot at. The person said his name and shot twice into the tattoo shop. Puma’s tattoo artists were ready to quit, and Puma was extremely upset,                                       because his young daughter was often in the shop, but she was not there at the time that the shots were fired.

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Photo of Donna from Black Ink Crew, photo courtesy of VH1