Joseline Hernandez finally had her video viewing part in the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode that aired at 8 p.m. on May 8, 2016 on VH1.  Joseline had been saying that a special guest was coming. It turns out that it was Dawn.  No one seemed to know, though that Tommie was angry with Dawn, because she said that Dawn had been spreading rumors about her. Stevie J. felt that Joseline should have never invited Dawn there, and he was right, because Tommie got in Dawn’s face and they were close to fighting.

Tammy from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, photo courtesy of VH1

Tammy from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, photo courtesy of VH1

Bambi went on a blind date that was arranged by Tammy. Bambi was hooked up with Chaz, one of Wack Flaka’s best friends, and they seemed  to get along.

Next, at DePalma’s Porch Scrapp and Sas had drinks. Scrapp texted Stevie to meet him and his brother there. Stevie said that Joseline went too far by disrespecting his family. Sas said that before something happens, something has to happen.


At Pressed, Rasheeda’s boutique, Rasheeda talked to her mother about Keslie and the situation with Scrappy. She told Shirley that Kirk’s daughter, Kelsie had a bad attitude, and she sent her home. She informed her mother that Scrappy and Kirk made up. Rasheeda said that she noticed that her mother never had a problem with Momma Dee, but their last intereaction ended on the negative note. They were cussing each other out in her store.

Rasheeda asked her mother if it would be possible if she talked to Momma Dee, so maybe they could be on good terms again. The answer: “Hell naw. I don’t fool with Momma De. She’s over the top. She do [sic] have some sort of problem. She’s bipolar.” Rasheeda explained that her mother had been taking a psychology class. Then Shirley said that Momma Dee might have been drunk when she came in the store, and she reiterated that she doesn’t mess around with Momma Dee.

Momma Dee, from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta photo courtesy of VH1

Momma Dee, from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta photo courtesy of VH1

In Momma Dee’s apartment, she was in bed with Ernest. “This is the problem between me and Ernest and our marriage,” she said. “When you do get married, it’s supposed to be 50/50, but obviously he wants me to pay all the bills. He knows with all this back problem [sic], I can’t carry all this load. It is time for Ernest to show the queen that he is worthy to be my king.”

Ernest said that he had been hearing nothing but complaints. It’s not easy for an ex-con, but he had been working two jobs, and at the end of the day, he’s tired. “All I want is a little credit. This is the kind of sh$% that spoils a relationship,” he said.

Rasheeda and Tammy had dinner at Deb’s house. Tammy told Deb about the blind date, and Deb was worried, because Chaz was like a son to her, and she didn’t want him to get hurt. Bambi and Scrappy had been on again, off again. Rasheeda said it was not her business to tell nobody nothing, meaning she wasn’t going to go and tell Scrappy anything about Bambi’s date.

Rasheeda told Deb about how Scrappy was upset that Rasheeda couldn’t come to his court date. Then she told Deb how Momma D came to her business and how her mother got into it with Momma Dee. Deb said to let her know when it’s planned. She’d come with her sneakers on to referee.

Joseline wanted to know why Tommie tried to fight Dawn. Then Stevie asked why Joseline told Scrapp and Sas that he slept with Karen King, K.K. (who is like his sister). And he asked Joseline to apologize for saying it, because it wasn’t true.

Westview Cemetery

Karen King and family went to the cemetery to visit Dolla. Karen actually hadn’t been to the site in seven years, but Scrapp was there with his brother and other family members. But Karen did show up. She was crying so hard, that everyone was trying to console, especially Scrapp.

Rasheeda took her mother, Shirley to brunch at Cook Hall and invited Scrappy’s mom. Deb was there as the mediator, and Scrappy, her son, was also present. First Momma Dee had a feather with sage and she said some strange chant and waved the sage-filled feather around. Then Ernest told everyone that Momma Dee had a drinking problem.  Deb hit the nail on the head when she said that there were some deeper problems going on.

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Scrapp and Sas had their drinks at DePalma’s Porch a small restaurant with a selection of appetizers, pizzas, calzones, entrees, desserts, sides and drinks. Just a few of the items on the menu include: crispy fried shrimp, wings, crab cakes, seafood blanco vino, salmon, and New York Style cheesecake.


Lunch date with the wife. Shrimp & grits, tryna get a lil healthy…💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

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