The gang on the Shahs of Sunset were still out camping in the episode the aired at 8 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, May 8, 2016, Mike and G.G. made up. Golnesa (G.G. ) told Mike that she didn’t like it when he talked down to her. He made her feel as though she wasn’t good enough. Mike apologized for it. G.G. accepted his apology and they hugged it out. They decided to build their friendship again in what Reza called a heartfelt moment.

Suddenly, the moment was over and Reza was up to his old tricks. The prank he pulled in last week’s episode was classic, but the prank that he pulled on his friend Shervin at the campgrounds was creative.

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He said that he found a pregnancy test in MJ’s purse, and it was positive. So MJ was pregnant and she was drinking like a fish during the trip. Of course, Reza planted the pregnancy test, but he didn’t stop there. He also planted directions to an abortion clinic in Mexico.

First, Reza told Mike about the test that he had found in MJ’s bag. He showed Mike what he had found, including the map to Mexico, but Mike didn’t believe any of it. He knew that it was all a prank. But he knew who would fall for the campsite joke.

“Reza, he thinks I’m going to fall for this stupid sh&*? I’m not, but I know who will,” Mike said.

“Shervin! I need your help. Come here for a minute,” Mike called out to his friend.

Mike got Shervin and showed him the items that were in MJ’s bag in the RV. There was a pregnancy test with a false positive, a map to an abortion clinic in Mexico, and a few pesos.

Shervin immediately told MJ that she should not be drinking alcohol, only water. MJ, of course, didn’t know what he was talking about. When Shervin told her that he had seen the pregnancy test and abortion information, she denied it.

“So you think that I am going to get an abortion in Mexico?” she questioned. I’m not going to get an abortion!”  MJ went to the prankster Reza to tell him that what he did wasn’t right. Everyone had a good laugh, and Shervin had to admit that he was the butt of the joke.

The funny part was that Reza only put about $25 worth of pesos in MJ’s bag.

Mike was on the phone, and he said that he was having issues at home with Jessica. He didn’t want to tell the most intimate details of his life to his friends, so he told MJ that he had to talk to his wife. It was his duty as a husband, and he asked her to have his back. If he has to be on the phone with his wife, tell the others to back off and leave him alone. He wanted MJ’s support, and she gave it to him.

The group enjoyed a campsite dinner. Reza told MJ that he was devastated that MJ didn’t like his idea of having a spontaneous wedding. By this time, though, G.G. was drunk, and started babbling to M.J. She eventually started saying that she was happy. Asa wanted to put a blanket around her, but Golnesa said that she didn’t want anyone to touch her or talk to her and asked Asa to go away. She’d heard something that upset her.

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“There’s no way I’m going to go away. I know you need me right now,” Asa said about the incident.

Golnesa went to bed, and all hope at having a heart to heart friendship meeting that night with her was lost. Mike tried to prank Reza and Reza attempted to retaliate by putting liquid synthetic bowel movement on the guys.

The group participated in a team building rope course challenge.

On the way to the rope course, Mike talked about how difficult his first year of marriage was. Reza was concerned that Mike was having so much trouble during his first year of marriage.

The ropes course and three different levels: yellow, blue and black. About 90 percent of the visitors could do the yellow course, and that’s the one they chose, keeping in mind G.G.’s hand surgery. Reza explained that the rope course was symbolic of their lives. Golnesa didn’t have the skills or the strength to make it. She needed their help. Without their help, she would be left behind, and they were not going to leave her behind.

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Although Gonlesa’s hand still hurt, she thought that it was important for her to participate and be a member of the group. Everyone was proud at her, because she tried her best. Golnesa was happy, because she was able to accomplish more than she thought. Everyone supported each other and cheered each other on in the course. Reza was thrilled that Mike was cheering him on in the difficult rope course.

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After the bonding experience, Reza brought up Golnesa’s drinking. He wanted everyone to keep an eye on her drinking. The ropes coarse made MJ think about her mother, and how she had her heart broken and decided not to take a chance on love again. As a result, MJ called her mother a “thorn of a woman”. MJ said that she was choosing love in her own life.

It was late and everyone was hungry, so they stopped at Harbor Hut Restaurant to eat. They all thanked Golnesa for organizing the trip. G.G. was upset about what Reza had said about her drinking on the bus. MJ brought up how she was irritated about the last dinner that she had with G.G., because they had a big argument. Golnessa wasn’t listening. She had shut down completely. Mike ended up telling G.G. that she needed to listen to people more.

Back at the campsite, Mike started a fire, and they sat around it. “To be vulunerable is not a bad thing…” Mike began. “Be open to a little constructive criticism. Be open to your friends pointing out your flaws, because they see in you, what you do not see in yourself sometimes.”

G.G. admitted that she doesn’t like to ask for help, and she doesn’t know how to be vulunerable. G.G. said that she was miserable, because everything that she thought she was going to have for herself had changed. She said that she didn’t want to have children, because she didn’t want to to pass the auto-immune disease to them.

Mike asked her to be more positive and fight, but G.G. answered that she’d had the disease for five years. She followed Western medical advice and Eastern medical advice. “I was fighting and my health got worse, and worse, and worse. I now have given up,” she said. She admitted that she felt that she had the right to be confused. G.G. said that she wanted to ask for help, but she didn’t know how.

Shervin had reached out to people who love G.G. to ask them to write letters to G.G. Golnesa’s father had written a letter to her.

“I’m not strong enough,” she said. “It’s going to make me sad,” she said. G.G. would only listen to the letter if Mike promised that she could punch him in his genitals if she couldn’t emotionally handle the letter.

Her father wrote that he knew that the Rheumatoid Arthritis had changed her emotions. She was aggressive, pessimistic and unhappy. He ended the letter by saying that he hoped that when she returns from the camping trip, she would had a happy day, and that she deserves to have more happy days.

“We all believe in you,” Asa said.

Golnesa said it was time to listen to her friends. She said that everyday she was going to strive to be better. She didn’t punch Mike, but hugged him.