Sky was still showing off her new body on the Love & Hip Hop episode that aired at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on May 23, 2016 on VH1. She showed up to work in a bikini and stood out outside the shop trying to get new customers into the shop.

At Ponty Bistro, Sassy spoke with Phoenix and Naeem, Puma’s former tattoo artists. They were former tattoo artists because they both quit work after the shooting in the shop. Neither of them wanted to work in a potentially dangerous environment. Sassy tried her best to convince them to return.

Dutchess and Donna sat down to clear up their differences. Dutchess invited a woman who has HIV. Donna felt that Dutchess was willing to apologize but not without getting on her high horse and trying to teach her a lesson. They both apologized to each other at the same time. Maria asked Donna if she would work in Dutchess’ shop. The trouble was that she asked her to do that without Dutchess’ consent.


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Kathie came into the shop to get a tattoo. She wanted Dutchess to give her an elephant. Kathie said that the money was only part of the issue that she had with OSh**. She didn’t felt that she had been disrespected.

Kathie promised that she had something to come, and Dutchess, knowing about the wrath of baby mommas, wanted to get her money from her work, and get back to North Carolina as soon as possible. “Richard is going down. I have had enough of his games,” Kathie said. “He has been treating me like a doormat. He is going to be my doormat.”

Puma lucked out, because Naeem came back to work at Art2Ink, but Phoenix wouldn’t return to Puma’s shop right away. Puma was upset that if everyone was upset there would be no money coming in. He decided to have a party to help reestablish his shop in Harlem.

Sky made her rapping debut. She made a rap about some guy that she saw who stole some of her jewelry. She invited Teddy and another friend to visit her in the studio. Sky told her friends that her baby’s father had contacted her, and he wanted to meet up. He was the father of her twins whom she gave up for adoption. She was only 14 when she got pregnant, and he left her after she had their children.

At Art2Ink, Puma’s party was going well. Everyone there seemed to be in love with the shop. Phoenix came back. He said that Sassy had changed his mind. He liked that there was a family at Art2Ink and he wanted to be a part of what was happening at the shop.

Phoenix completed a tattoo of a phoenix for a customer who had lost a lot of weight and wanted the tattoo to symbolize a rebirth. Phoenix shared in his interview, his difficult childhood. His mother chose drugs over her family. These days he was focused on being a better man for his daughter.

Sky decided to go ahead and meet with the father of her twins. She wanted to confront her past and let the father of her children see her as a strong, confident woman. He apologized, because he admitted that he said that he was going to be there for her, and he didn’t. Sky broke down, crying. She was happy to be able to get everything out. She told him that she had no ill will towards him. The next big highlight of her life would be when she meets them as men, she said.

Dutchess left Black Ink to get her own shop opened. She was nervous before she left, but excited. Kathie sent someone to serve OSh** with a summons to appear in court (because of child support). Ceaser told the guy that OSh** wasn’t there. He was fired the day before. Of course, OSh** was sitting right there in the shop the entire time.

The guy left and came right back, because figured out that OSh** was sitting behind the counter. He was served. OSh** was next seen walking down the street with liquor in a paper bag.

Black Ink Crew Travel Destination Focus: Ponty Bistro

Sassy met up with Art2Ink tattoo artists Naeem and Phoenix at the Ponty Bistro. She went there to convince the men to come back to work after the shooting. Ponty Bistro serves African and French cuisine in Harlem, New York.


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Shrimp and Rice

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Maple Crusted French Toast


Scallops, Risotto and Asparagus

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Ice Cream

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