LeeAnne Locken, Heidi Dillon and Tiffany Hendra met at Toulouse Restaurant in the Real Housewives of Dallas in Black and Blues, the episode that aired at 10 pm May 23, 2016 on BRAVO. Heidi agreed to come to Tiffany’s Light Up Tomorrow charity event at the House of Blues. Wanting to meet the other women, Heidi decided to have a party to get to know them. LeeAnne told her that she probably isn’t going to like Brandi, but Heidi said that she was going to keep an open mind.

The photos that Cary and Mark’s website were effective. They were extremely busy in their cosmetic surgery practice. It was also their sixth wedding anniversary, and Cary totally forgot.

Brandi Redmond found out by phone that her brother Michael wasn’t doing so well. He had tried to commit suicide by overdosing. He was in the military and served in Afghanistan. He suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He was hurting severely from some of the tragedies that he had witnessed. Brandi thanked God for her friend, Stephanie Hollman, because she was always there for her. When her husband wasn’t there, her friend was.

LeeAnne and Tiffany shopped for outfits at Clothes Ciruit, Upscale Resale. While there, Tiffany, wisely realizing that there was danger ahead, tried to convince LeeAnne that she should be cool at the House of Blues event and not start a war with Brandi, Cary, or Stephanie. LeeAnne said that she was sure that she owed Stephanie an apology but not Brandi. Tiffany shared information about Brandi’s family situation. LeeAnne admitted that she had probably scared Stephanie the death and she had to call her.

Mark bought Cary an expensive dress from Roberto Cavalli. He sent his personal shopper, Taylor over to their home with the gift. Now, Mark is definitely a shopaholic, so much so that he said that the dress he bought Cary cost more than his first car.

Brandi and Bryan Redmond dined at the Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bistro.  Brandi talked to Bryan about her feelings of loneliness while he was away on business and he apologized to her. They made up.


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LeeAnne made good on her promise to talk to Stephanie, and she apologized. They met up at Lavendou Bistro to talk things over.

“I really do owe you an apology. I should have been better at controlling my behavior,” she said. LeeAnne explained that she didn’t have a good childhood, and she was not able to express her feelings as a child. Therefore, when she feels threatened or afraid she lashes out. Tiffany decided to forgive her to keep the peace, and because it makes things easier.

She still felt that LeeAnne was self-absorbed, though. LeeAnne invited her to a conference, and Stephanie agreed.

Tiffany went with her husband to get himself groomed and ready for the Light Up Tomorrow charity event, where he was going to perform. LeeAnne wasn’t feeling Tiffany’s hairstyle. “I’m just saying. The cockatoo called and he wants his hair back.

Tiffany’s husband sung a touching son, dedicated to Brandi’s brother. The charity event was successful. Cary got ready for the event.

Next, the gang gathered at Heidi’s house for a goth party. Taylor, the guy who gossiped about LeeAnne having a bowel meeting in her pants came, too. No one said anything to Cary when she came in. Cary felt that the atmosphere felt weird. She knew that the other women gossiped about her knowing her husband when she was still married. Cary joked about the Frito pie that Heidi served for the party, and both LeeAnne and Heidi said that she was being standoffish. LeeAnne explained that Heidi is friends with Mark’s ex-wife, so that explains things. Cary left, not really knowing exactly what was going on, but having a general idea.

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LeeAnne and Stephanie met at the Lavendou Bistro where LeeAnne apologized for lashing out at Stephanie (and making her cry) at a cocktail party. Lavendou is a French restaurant with a patio and a cozy atmosphere.


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