This week’s episode of the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Waking In Vegas, which aired at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on May 22, 2016  took the group to Vegas. During the trip the friendship between Dorothy Wang and Bianca Espada was tested.

The episode opened with EJ Johnson going to get a manicure and to catch up with his friend Kyle and some of his other friends. Then EJ showed off his own nail color, Jaded, by EJ.


At Ocean Prime Restaurant, Morgan Stweart, Dorothy Wang and Jonny Drubel met for dinner. Morgan told Dorothy that she didn’t like that how Dorothy talked to Jonny about what Bianca had said.

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EJ visited the LBGT Center of New York with two of his friends, because he wanted to see how he could help them. He met someone, Joseph, who said that he felt comfortable in the center, because he could be himself. EJ also talked about what it was like for him to come out. He decided to give the proceeds from his nail polish to the center. Morgan and Brendan met with Astrologer Susan Miller. Morgan wanted to know if the stars were going to align on her wedding date. They had the best chemistry, Susan said.

Morgan found out that May 7th was not the ideal date. Susan Miller said that Morgan was her daughter, she would advise her to change the date, or secretly get married ahead of time. Morgan got her invitations from Heirloom Paper Company. Morgan needed to get the guest list to the company for calligraphy. Morgan didn’t have any relatives coming to the wedding, because her brother was too ill to come. Morgan told Brendan that he needed to get a cleanse or maybe even laser treatment.

Meanwhile, Dorothy took a private plane to Vegas with her friends for her birthday. Bianca and Morgan were there together, which was uncomfortable, because they had words before. They stayed at the Mirage. Dorothy get her makeup and hair done for her big day.

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Bianca and Morgan had drinks. Morgan confronted her about calling her wedding a cocktail party. Morgan was all set to lash into Bianca, but Bianca had her own ammunition. She knew that Morgan had been talking about Dorothy behind her back, and Morgan called Dorothy something so inappropriate that it had to be beeped out on television.

The crew met up at Stack Restaurant and Bar. The toasted Dorothy and all said what they like about her.

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The squad began chattering back at the Mirage about Bianca’s security guard. Jonny felt that people who are something, do not have to act like it. Dorothy felt as though Bianca had been fun and an extra security guard wasn’t hurting anyone. Jonny tried to tell Bianca that the security guard should go, and she told him that maybe the security guard should have him leave. Dorothy and Bianca got into it, because Dorothy said that she had someone to protect them. Bianca asked Dorothy if she was jealous, and called her delusional. Dorothy was over being called names, but she wasn’t angry.

Next, they went to the club, 1 Oak at the Mirage, which happens to be Dorothy’s favorite club in the world.

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Dorothy went to check on Bianca with a CoCo Loso. She left the drink in front of Bianca’s door, because the girl was crying inside and wouldn’t open it. Morgan said that she was mad because Dorothy didn’t defend herself when Bianca called her desperate, delusional, etc.

Then Brendan decided that he Morgan, and all of their friends should go to the wedding chapel, and the two of them should elope. Morgan said that she was sick, and was on a cocktail of medicine that made her decision making skewed. Brendan changed his mind, and said that the chapel wasn’t precious enough for them. They decided not to get married n Vegas. Morgan said that he was shocked that they had even gotten that far. The next morning, everyone was tired, but they had fun. Dorothy said the next time she wanted to feel that hungover was during the bachelorette party.


Photo #RICHKIDS OF BEVERLY HILLS — Season: 2 — Pictured: (l-r) Brendan Fitzpatrick, Morgan Stewart, EJ Johnson, Dorothy Wang, Jonny Drubel, Roxy Sowlaty — (Photo by: Matthias Vriens-McGrath/E!)

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The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills had a birthday dinner for Dorothy Wang at the Stack and Bar, an American Steakhouse. The restaurant features hardwood floors and a  contemporary interior. The restaurant also has a private room.

It might be #TacoTuesday but we'd rather have this Chilean Seabass.

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It might be #TacoTuesday but we'd rather have this Chilean Seabass.

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