Nine days after the terrorist attack that left 130 people dead in Paris and a recent attack in Mali days ago, Brussels, the capital of Belgium is locked down. On November 22, 2015,  most major businesses were closed. What’s the impact of the Brussels lockdown? The city’s The Grand Place, Brussels central square and an area that is normally full of people, was virtually empty. Schools will be closed on Monday.

According to the Telegraph the lock down is in response to intelligence received that there will be another attack, similar to the ISIS attack in Paris. The security threat has been raised to level 4. The public is advised to avoid all potentially crowded areas, airports (and other public transportation) shopping areas, nightclubs, movie theaters, sporting events, concerts, etc. The metro system in Brussels is closed. The authorities are telling the public not to panic, but instead to be alert and cautious.

The Brussels lockdown might continue for several more days. The authorities are still assessing the situation.

Grand Place Photo by Hernán Piñera