The episode of the Shahs of Sunset, Six Persians Walked into a Bar, Season 5, Episode 8, which aired at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on June 5, 2016 on BRAVO began where it left off at the end of Reza Farahan’s and Adam’s wedding. Mercedes MJ Javid  and Mike Shouhed went at it. Tommy, MJ’s boyfriend, was telling MJ that Mike and Jessica Parido’s situation was not her business. He felt that MJ was mad at Mike, because he couldn’t make his relationship work.

Reza tried to carry Adam Neely over the threshold, as customary after a wedding, but he struggled, because Adam was clearly too heavy for him.

In the next scene, MJ had started cleaning the outdoor area where the group was staying that weekend. Everyone prepared for a mid-morning brunch.

At Reza’s wedding brunch, the argument between Mike and MJ continued. MJ was highly emotional, and Mike didn’t like that she was being so aggressive.

Reza asked MJ to give Mike a little space and allow him to come clean about what was going on in his life when he was ready. Although Mike was in denial, Reza asked MJ to allow Mike to stay in denial (to keep the peace).

Mike said that MJ is his hardest critic. She needed to let him speak to her about his personal life when he was ready, not when she was ready.

Then Reza talked about how much he loved Adam and how their relationship gave him the courage and inspiration to try some of his other passions. So, he had dinner at Sofitel’s Riviera 31 Lounge Bar with Asa’s friend, a comedian named Luenell and Asa, and Reza decided that he wanted to perform in a comedy amateur night show.

Riviera 31 Lounge Bar


MJ and Tommy went out to eat at Wood & Vine. It seems that since the wedding, they had been staring reality right in the face. MJ had found that some of the things that she thinks are serious, Tommy didn’t see as such a serious matter. MJ wanted to give her boyfriend a list of stuff that he had to do around the house, like take out the trash and put the toilet seat down. “She’s just super-duper critical,” Tommy said. MJ suggested that they see a therapist to work on their relationship, because things were a little rocky.

Wood & Vine


At Red O Restaurant Mike and Shervin Roohparvar got together. Mike decided that he would close down his social media accounts to try to improve his relationship with Jessica. Although they were living apart, Jessica and Mike were still seeing each other. They had decided to date again.


Red O.  Restaurant

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Reza always wanted to perform a comedy act, and he decided to seize the opportunity. He had an idea about how he wanted to invite his friends to his performance, too. He hired Khourin a performer to visit his friends while resembling Reza as much as possible. Khourin would knock on their doors, and spray them with silly string. Reza’s performance was at the Hollywood Improv.

@mrdamon2 is a crusher @hollywoodimprov @youveseentheseguys

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First, Khourin invited Mike to the comedy show. Mike laughed it off, and caught on that Khourin looks like Reza.  MJ was next. Then came, Golnesa who had a big knife in her hand, and definitely was not showered with silly string.

Mike invited Jessica to the comedy show, because he was feeling lonely and missed his

Reza was extremely nervous about his upcoming performance. He was impressed that Joan Rivers and Bill Cosby had performed on the same stage where he was to perform. So, he did a little stress eating. He ordered some nachos and buffalo wings.

By the time he went to perform, he was sick and nervous. Unfortunately, Reza was not funny. The audience was not amused at all, but he kept his jokes coming (many of them were in very poor taste).

When it was over, his friends celebrated with him. Reza was just happy that he got through the evening. He said that he wasn’t going to give up. He was going to try it all again one day. The group went out dancing and Jessica and Mike had a passionate kiss and ended the evening early.

Shahs of Sunset Travel Destination Focus: Red O Restaurant

In this episode of the Shahs of Sunset, Mike and Shervin met up at Red O Restaurant. It was selected as the travel focus destination for this episode.

The Red O offers a mix of steaks, seafood and Mexican inspired entrees. Some of the menu items include: lobster mac and cheese, camarones al mojo de ajo, pollo asado, ahi tuna tostaditos, and the steak and lobster.


Lobster Mac n Cheese

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo


Pollo Asado


Our Ahi Tuna Tostaditas


Edamame & Yuzu Guacamole

32-oz Prime Tomahawk Ribeye, Maine lobster Tail


Photo of the Shahs of Sunset cast:  Pictured: (l-r) Mercedes “MJ” Javid, Mike Shouhed, Golnessa “GG” Gharachedaghi, Reza Farahan, Shervin Roohparvar, Asa Soltan Rahmati — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Andrew Eccles/Bravo)