In Season 4 Episode 2 of Black Ink Crew, Ceaser gets out of jail after being taken away due to issues related to child support payments. The episode aired at 9 p.m. on Tuesday April 12 on VH1.

The episode begins with everyone in turmoil. There’s a client with a half-done tattoo of a centaur, complaining that it looks more like a zebra. Ceaer had no choice but to leave his client when the group of officers showed up to arrest him. The female client wonders if her tattoo is supposed to burn and she searches the shop for someone to come and her tattoo up. On the way out of the shop, Cearser’s customer says that she won’t ever return to Black Ink again, and she says that she is not happy.

Dutchess was upset because she didn’t know what was happening, and she didn’t like the drama connected with Black Ink. She had come back to New York from North Carolina to drum up some money to finish the construction of her own shop, Pretty in Ink. In the season opener, the construction worker who was working on her shop said that she needed to pay about $3,000 more than they had previously agreed.

Dutchess is moody and does not want to talk about her shop. She avoids questions from the others in the shop. Ted, the latest manager of the shop, was concerned about a couple of things The shop didn’t have enough tattoo artists working to handle the customer load. He was also concerned about what would happen when the word gets out that an artist was taken to jail in the middle of a tattoo.



Ted was proactive and hired a new artist, Melody, whom Sky said looked like Dutchess with green eyes and moist lips. Melody wanted to work at Black Ink to meet new people. Sky liked Melody’s easygoing spirit.

Puma is back on the show this season, this time he has a new tattoo shop of his own. The shop is up and running with new tattoo artists and Sassy by his side.

Puma decided to celebrate his new shop and his family by getting a tattoo of his daughter. One of his new tattoo artists, skilled at creating realist lifelike images did the tattoo.

While Ceaser was in jail, Dutchess participated in a photo shoot that was supposed to be a joint effort between Black Ink and Pretty in Ink.

Dutchess had a talk with her friend Sky who was genuinely concerned about her. When Sky heard about Dutchess’ problems (her money problems) she invited her to Miami to get a break from the drama.

When Ceaser makes it back to the shop after his stint in jail,  he sees the new tattoo artist that Ted hired, he was peeved, because Ted didn’t get his approval before hiring Melody. Ted was upset by the situation because he felt that since Ceaser made him the shop’s manager, he should be able to make decisions without the owner’s approval.

Ceaser told Melody to leave and she could not believe the treatment that she had gotten. Ted told Ceaser that Melody had completed a tattoo and brought money into the shop. Ceaser wouldn’t give in.

Here are some examples of Melody’s work.


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Photo of Ceaser, courtesy of VH1.