The cast from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returned from Dubai and the issues between them continued in Beverly Hills where it left off in Dubai. The finale episode aired at 9 p.m. ET on April 12, 2016. The situation in Dubai was so intense that Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump could not sit in the same area on the plane back.

In the first scenes of the finale, the women gossiped about the trip with their friends and significant others. Lisa Rinna met with her manager Steve at the Rive Gauche Cafe, a quaint cozy bistro.

At a party that Kyle arranged in her new home, Rinna, hoping to explain to Yolanda Foster the details of the rumors, told the ailing woman that it was really Lisa Vanderpump who had initiated and encouraged the rumors. Rinna stuck to her story that Vanderpump pushed her in the direction of discussing Yolanda’s medical condition, but Yolanda wouldn’t let Rinna off the hook.

Rinna even apologized for saying that Yolanda might even be more manipulative than Vanderpump. Yolanda listened but wouldn’t say that everything was okay again between them. She said that she wasn’t going to give energy to who said what, but he was interested enough to go back and ask Vanderpump if Rinna’s claims were true.

Vanderpump turned to Kyle Richards to back up her story, and she did. Apparently Kyle wasn’t about to say or do anything that could jeopardize her friendship with Vanderpump.

Also in the finale episode, Kim Richards and Rinna had a few words. Kim tried to bring up past confrontations, but ¬†Rinna wouldn’t even engage her and kept saying that she hopes she gets better, implying that she was in the throes of a substance abuse problem.

Yolanda revealed a few details about her divorce. She admitted that she couldn’t share the same space as David and showed off her new condo. She was in the process of furnishing it the way she wanted it. Yolanda indicated that they were just two people going through normal family issues like blending families and coping with illness.

At Il Piccolo Verde Pizzeria, Rinna vented about what happened at the party to Eileen.




Photo of Yolanda and Lisa by Photo by: Nicole Weingar/Bravo