Try these styles for medium to long dreadlocks; styles with curls are cute for any occasion and here are a couple of looks that will stay put. This curly locs style is really two styles in one, and together they last for at least two weeks.

How are these loc curls created? They are created using pipecleaners. The great thing about pipecleaners is that you can leave them in your hair and create an adorable style.

Cute dreadlocks styles for curly looks. Photo by Claudine Williams


Things You Will Need

  1. Lottabody Setting Lotion
  2. Mango and Lime Twisting Gel for Resistant Hair
  3. Gel
  4. Pipecleaners
Dura Hold Gel in Dreadlocks

1. Wash or Simply Wet Your Hair

First, you either need to wash your hair or get it thoroughly wet.  Your hair should be dripping wet, because the style is a wet set style on dreadlocks.

2. Add Products to Your Hair

Apply the Lotta Body and the other products on a wet loc. It might be easier to put this product  in a clean spray bottle. You’ll have to combine about one part of the Lotta Body with two parts water. I use about half water and half Lotta Body.

You should then add the gel on that loc. I take about a quarter amount of the gel and slather it onto my wet loc.

Watch this video for help to start! Dreadlocks Styles video by Claudine

3. Install the Pipe Cleaners

Dreadlocks Styles: Putting Pipecleaners in Dreadlocks

Roll your hair around the pipe cleaner. Be careful of the sharp edges. You might want to fold the sharp edge down or use heavy duty tape to cover it. Once your hair is rolled onto the pipe cleaner, fold the pipecleaner around the loc, just as you’d do for flexible rods. You can put two, three, or more locs on your pipecleaner. Keep in mind that the more hair you use the looser your curls will be.

4. Adjust the Pipecleaners in Your Dreadlocks

pipecleaners in dreadlocks

Bend the pipecleaners into a bob or a style of your choice. Be creative. You can position them to the side, create a bun, or crate any number of dreadlocks styles with them. Make sure that the pipecleaners are not sticking out in an unflattering position.

6.  Protect Your Style

protecting dreadlocks styles with a scarf

Wrap your hair up in a large scarf at night. This will help keep your hair in a bob shape and help keep the pipecleaners in.

7. Remove the Pipecleaners

After your hair is completely dry (it might take a couple of days if you don’t use a hair dryer) remove the pipecleaners to reveal your curls.

Top Knot in Curly Locs

Top Knot

Side-Swept Locs in Curls

Loose Curls

Curls, Curls, Curls