After all of the drama on Season 7 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, the cast’s trip turned out be to Silver Spur Ranch, a dude ranch in Bandera, Texas. Although it was a funny location for all of the show’s drama, it’s a great spot for family vacation. The cast had experiences riding horses, watching a shooting demonstration, and eating authentic homemade Western-style meals. Did you see Karlie, Joc, and Rasheeda on the wagon filled with hay? That’s how guests travel from the lodge to Silver Spur  Ranch’s on-site restaurant. Either they travel by horse or by wagon.


Silver Spur Ranch
Silver Spur Ranch by Heather Cowper

It looked like the cast were roughing it on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, but Silver Spur Ranch has upscale touches like  a junior Olympic-sized swimming pool, playground,  a healing room with aromatherapy, an infrared sauna, and other luxurious goodies.

Rasheeda arranged for the group to relax at a bonfire. This turned out to be a bad idea, because most of the group was arguing.  Bon fires are created routinely at the ranch for guests. Fossil digging and old-fashioned barbecues are also among the list of activities at the Silver Spur Ranch.

Top Dude Ranches

The Silver Spur Ranch is just one example of a dude ranch that is not quite-so rustic. Here are some other ranches where you can ride on horseback, chow-down and camp in style.

The Resort Paws Up in Montana has tents that can put some hotel rooms to shame. The tent pictured above has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The resort also offers luxurious cabins in natural surroundings.

The Ranch at Rock Creek, also in Montana, has rooms that looks the the one above. Yes. This is a tent, but the ranch even have 5-bedroom homes for luxurious retreats.

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The name says it all. The C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado is yet another dude ranch for glampers who want a more luxurious camping experience.

Tanque Verde in Arizona is a dude ranch with a spa. You can’t go wrong with that. Marketing itself as one of the most luxurious ranches, it fits the bill as a family getaway, because it has children’s programs.