Erica and Tina settled down to have a meal at Natural Selection The Kitchen. Erica tried to break the ice and asked her sister about her vacation, and just before he tried again to convince her to agree to work on the Mary Mary album during the Mary Mary episode, Finding A Mary, that aired at 9 p.m. on April 28, 2016 on WE tv.

Erica from Mary Mary

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By now, Erica knew that Sony had demand that either Mary Mary make an album or Warryn pay back the seven figures that the company had advanced to him. Then, Erica poured on the guilt by telling Tina about Warryn’s birthday party. Warryn wanted Tina to perform with Erica as Mary Mary for his birthday awards ceremony, but Tina and Teddy had previously planned to celebrate their anniversary in Maui.

Since Tina didn’t attend the birthday awards celebration that Warryn planned to honor people who helped him in his life. Erica felt as though Tina didn’t care about Warren or Mary Mary. Erica wouldn’t tell Tina that Warryn was thinking about replacing her. Instead, she said that the Sony situation was wearing him down. Tina gave in a little and agreed to make a few songs in the studio, but Erica knew that wouldn’t be enough to get Warryn out of trouble with Sony.

Mitchell arranged for Goo Goo to meet some movers and shakers at Stitch Alterations and Designs. Goo Goo had the chance to shine as Mitchell presented her as an up and coming hostess. A couple of people at the gathering indicated that they were interested in doing business with Goo Goo.

Erica and Warryn went to Tina and Teddy’s house for dinner. Warryn really thought that Tina had asked them over to announce that Tina had decided to do the Mary Mary album that Warryn had promised to Sony. Tina and Teddy had other things in mind, however. They wanted to announce that Tina had been nominated for an image award for her solo album. When Warryn realized that Tina didn’t even want to talk about going into the studio for the album, Warryn and Erica left the dinner, with Warryn saying that they had another party to go to. It looked like they didn’t even finish eating.
The next day, Warryn had arranged to meet with Tina and tell her exactly what was at stake if she didn’t help get that album done. So, at Gasolina Café, Warryn sat down with Tina and explained that he had to pay Sony back if she didn’t perform. Tina didn’t seem to care. She seemed unfazed.


She said that she was pursuing what was in her heart, ministry with her husband.
Tina said that felt like Mary Mary carried her to her passion and what she was doing was her passion.
Warryn then seriously told Tina about the check for seven figures he was going to have to repay to Sony for taking an advance. Tina said that she didn’t have any responsibility for the money that Warryn took, and she had invested hundred of thousands of dollars into what she was doing. Tina said that it wasn’t fair for her to abandon what she invested her time and money in. Tina and her husband Teddy decided to launch another tour of singing and testifying about the power of God in marriages.

It was at that  moment that Warryn realized that if Tina wasn’t going to make the Mary Mary album, he was going to have to fire her. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Koryn and Mitchell ate at Bongo East in Nashville. Mitchell broke the news that Warryn was willing to work with her. So, before she knew it, she was getting to know Warryn at his studio, with Mitchell in the background.
Next Koryn and Warryn worked together for a little while in the studio, and Warryn said that she was really good, and finding a Mary might not be too hard. Warryn reluctantly agreed to work with Mitchell. since Mitchell and Koryn were a package deal.
At Tina’s house, Tina talked to Teddy about the Mary Mary record, but Teddy didn’t support Tina in making the album. “We were probably never going to work together again,” Warryn said, ”That’s how good she is. I’m willing to open that door again, because I don’t want to miss out on this myself.”

Next Warryn had to decide if Koryn would be a solo artist or if she would replace one of the Marys.


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Warryn and Tina met and chatted at the Gasolina Cafe, a casual cafe in Woodland Hills, California with locally sourced ingredients and Spanish flavors. The cafe has a wide variety of sandwiches, and breakfast is served all day.



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