What do you wear at the airport? Do you try to dress up? Would you rather dress comfortably? A study, released on March 6, 2015, by Go Group LLC and Go Travel Express found that most people prefer to dress comfortably, wearing sweatpants, jeans, and cozy, yet decent tops.

In the report, of the 602 people who participated in the survey, 31 percent said that people should have the freedom to wear what they want at the airport.

A whopping 46 percent of the respondents said that they do not care how people dress at the airport. So, don’t waste your time trying to make a good impression in the airport. Dress up if you are going directly to a meeting when you get off the plan, otherwise wear something that’s comfy and warm.

Only about 9 percent of the respondents said that they like to dress up when they travel. Only about 3 percent of the people who completed the survey felt that there should be dress codes, banning things like tank tops.


Loose-fitting Pants

Experts suggest that for leisure travel, passengers should wear loose fitting clothes.


Long Flowing Dresses

Ditch the belt and pair this maxi dress with comfortable shoes, and you’ve got a winning travel outfit. Choose a dress with wrinkle-free fabric, and you’ll look great even if you have a touch of jet lag.


Comfortable Shoes

Wear comfortable shoes that can be easily removed. The shoes should be easy to walk in, too. Remember, you’ll have to maneuver your suitcase through the airport, use an escalator or stairs and maybe run to take a connection flight.

Sweater or Jacket

It always seems to get chilly on the plane(even in the summer time) so bring a sweater or a jacket to stay warm.