There are been some rumblings about the hot weather, and viewers saw for themselves the inconvenience that fire ants could through into the mix while on a date in Mexico. We do not know the location of the local hotel in Tulum, Mexico where Ryan Putz jumped from his lover’s balcony, Michele K.’s from,  to escape the cameras and the Bachelor in Paradise handler.

Set for the Bachelor in Paradise

We do know that the filming location for the Bachelor in Paradise is on the coast of Tulum, Mexico at a site called Papaya Playa.

Play Papaya Resort where the Bachelor in Paradise was shot

The Bachelor in Paradise at the Playa Papaya Resort. Photo courtesy of ABC

The rustic site is fascinating, with it’s handmade lounges, rooms decked out with colorful local blankets and bright tourquise painted assents. Papaya Playa Project  created the buildings that you see on the Bachelor in Paradise. The site is being used especially for the show. So, it’s not a typical resort in which you can book a room. The Papaya Playa Project was began in 2011, as a way to help people commune with nature. The group designs living spaces to achieve this goal, according to the Papaya Playa Project website. The set design crew made most of the furniture that is seen in episodes from the filming location of the Bachelor in Paradise.

set for Bachelor in Paradise

Rose ceremony at the Playa Papaya. Photo courtesy of ABC

From time to time, viewers can see other hotels, resorts, and attractions in Tulum when Bachelor in Paradise couples go on dates. The Dream Tulum Resort was at least one of the filming locations for the show.  The Dream Tulum appeared in a Bachelor in Paradise  episode 2   in which Dylan and Sarah had a romantic dinner. Lacy and Marcus had a romantic dinner at the Xcaret archeological park, and Clare and Chris B. has a couple’s massage on the beach. In episode 3, the Chris B. and Elise stayed at the Hacienda Puerta Campeche, a Luxury Collection Hotel (Starwood).  The Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Eastern.

Hacienda Puerto A Luxury Collection Hotel

Photo courtesy of Hacienda Puerta  Campeche A Luxury Collection Hotel