At Sphere Studio in North Hollywood, Ray J. spoke about how Brandi took her husband’s money to start a business. Max was there. He had been spending his nights, sleeping on the couch. He said that he felt betrayed, because Brandi stole the money from their baby.

Then at Amp Rehearsal Studio in North Hollywood, Lyrica Anderson asked her mother to get along with her fiance’s mother. Her mother didn’t think that she was at fault for any misunderstandings. After all, she had tried to help the woman, by getting her look right, for one thing. But of course, A1’s mother took her help as an insult.

From Eggy in Los Angeles, Masika looked for a new outfit for her baby girl. She explained how Fetty Wap had a change of heart and wanted to meet with her to talk about their baby. She wasn’t sure if she could trust him. Safaree came out to Power 104 to talk to Yesi. He explained that he wanted to move on, make Jamaican-style music, and find someone to put coconut oil on his back.

At Madera Kitchen Masika and Fetty got together. He said that he wanted to be the father of the baby. Fetty explained that it was time for him to man up. She explained that she was going to make the baby available for him to see whenever he had a chance.

Brandi caught up with Max at the Seventh Veil, a strip club. Her goal, to beg him to return home to her and their son. She explained that her lie was a good lie that was going to pay off later.

“Of course I miss my son, my little baby boy, but she’s in my face trying to fish me in with him late bait. It’s like once again, I got to show her that the way you are approaching this ain’t right. If you really want to apologize, just be upfront,” Max said.

Safaree frolicked in the pool at TenTen Wilshire while Nikki Mudarris laid out in the sun. Nikki didn’t tell Safaree that she was seeing someone.


Lyrica Garrett (the mother) and A1’s mother  Pam met up to try to come to an agreement to be respectful of each other. Things went left when Lyrica asked Pam if she’d found a place. Pam explained that she didn’t come there to stay with Lyrica and A1 for only two days. Lyrica explained that after four months it was time for her Pam to move, but she didn’t know that Pam had already moved. Pam didn’t like that Lyrica was in her business and acting as though she was better than her.

Then A1 and Safaree worked together at Neighborhood Watcha Studio in North Hollywood.  A1 explained that there was some mama beef in his life, and he planned to invite the mothers and Lyrica to dinner where he would give Lyrica and upgraded engagement ring.

Masika took some deep breaths to calm herself during the early stages of her contractions. Fetty was in New Jersey, and Masika was afraid that he wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time. Luckily he made it to see his daughter being born.

A1, Lyrica and the mothers get together at Home in Beverly Hills, but the mothers got involved in a bitter fight, and A1 wasn’t able to give Lyrica Anderson her new ring until after they’d left.