There was a different side of Dutchess shown on Black Ink Crew Season 4 Episode 3. During a trip to Miami with Sky and friends, Dutchess drank up and partied up with the rest of the rest of the women representing the Black Ink Crew at a club in Miami. The episode aired on April 18, 2016 at 9 p.m. ET on VH1.


Donna from the Black Ink Crew partied in Miami at Ivy nightclub.

Donna from the Black Ink Crew partied in Miami at Ivy nightclub.

Donna and Dutchess were dancing with together all night at Ivy. Even when Sky and some of the rest of the girls needed to take a break, they stayed in the club and continued to dance drink.

Dutchess got so drunk from tequila that she did some things that she regretted the next day. The shocker was that Dutchess had a sexual encounter with Donna.

In rest of the episode of Black Ink Crew, including Ceaser, stayed behind in New York. While she was away, Ceaser contemplated with Ted, his cousin and manager of Black Ink about setting a date for a wedding with Dutchess.


Ted of Black Ink Crew

Ted of Black Ink Crew, photo courtesy of VH1.

Ted suggested that Ceaser wait a while longer, but Ceaser said he trusted Dutchess and would rather not delay it further. Ted gave up and said that he’d settle for attending the reception, drinking his share of Hennessy and maybe date one of Dutchess’s cousins, but Ted said that he does not trust Dutchess.

At Art2Ink, Puma was parenting his young daughter while he and his wife Quani worked. His mother-in-law had different plans, though. She didn’t like the thought of her granddaughter hanging around a tattoo shop, so she took her granddaughter home with her. Puma was irritated his his mother-in-law’s  surprise visit and her decision to snatch his daughter up. He decided to keep the peace and hold his tongue at that moment.

Ceaser invited Melody back. He fired her in the last episode of the show. Ted hired her, and Ceaser was angry that he wasn’t consulted before Ted hired her. Ted showed him some of her work from her instagram page to prove that he didn’t randomly select just any pretty face to work in the shop.

To make up for firing her in such a rude manner, Ceaser hired a couple of strippers to dance. He pulled out the booze to welcome Melody. Melody was laughing the entire time and she even said that she loves strippers.


Sky from the Black Ink Crew went to Miami to get a procedure from Dr. Miami.

Sky from the Black Ink Crew went to Miami to get a procedure from Dr. Miami.


Sky had her consultation with Dr. Miami, a plastic surgeon who has the ability to do fat transfers. Sky was extremely excited to have a consultation and planed surgery. She expected the surgery to change her life. She actually hugged the doctor. The ladies had planned to stay in Miami for over a week, and had a cute AirBnB bungalow.

Filming Location Focus

Ivy Nightclub is the Miami club where the Dutchess, Donna, Sky and Sky’s friends partied on Black Ink Crew. The club is two stories tall and has an impressive light show. Although the club is large, it was packed during this episode of Black Ink Crew. The music was hot. The tequila was flowing and the DJ was killing it.