Originally scheduled to open in 2014, Funtasy Island is preparing to open in 2105. The private island community, located about 9 miles south of Singapore’s mainland, will be accessible via cruises and ferries departing from the Harborfront Ferry Terminal.

A villa community, retail stores, conventions center, dining facilities and hotel are anticipated for the island. The facilities are still in various stages of the development and building process. Meanwhile, preparations for the largest Eco Theme Park in the world have moved forward. In June Funtasy Island developers signed an agreement with Seven Seas Funtasy Venture Ltd for the theme park and announced the attractions planned for the park.

Funtasy Island Oceanfront Villa

Credit: Funtasy Island

The attractions will include¬†Avatar Habit, an area in which visitors can interact with various birds from parrots to birds of prey, a section of the park called Rain Forest Paradise will allow guests to experience the beauty of the rain forest’s plant life and animals. While in the Funtasy Island rain forest, visitors can head over to the Simia Adventure area to see the monkeys that live there.

The largest Eco Theme park in the world is planned to have a mangrove safari boat ride, a family-friendly ride through the mangroves on the property. There will also be areas for swimming with the dolphins or watching the sea creatures at Funtasy Island. Aquariums and a dolphin sanctuary are also planned for the park.