Episode 7, Season 25 of the Amazing Race in Sicily flew by. Misti  & Jim were the first to leave Morocco and take a flight to Sicily, Italy. The dentist duo are definitely the team to beat. Anyway, the teams drove to a travel agent in the middle of the night. Jim & Misti found out that they wouldn’t be able to fly into Sicily until the next night at 8 p.m., and the disappointment was all over Jim’s face. In an interesting turn of events Misti & Jim and Kym & Alli worked together.


On the Funny Side 

Kym & Alli wrote “Team No Fun” on the back of Jim & Misti’s car when they weren’t around. They all became buddy-buddy later, though.  Misti and Jim and Kym and Alli shared a cab. They all admired the beautiful sunrise as their taxi took them to their next challenge. When they got to Teatro di Verdura in Palermo the four saw some tambourines hanging with times written on them. The times referred to the times they had to leave the next morning. They were invited to dance the night away with some local people, and they did. The two teams both took 6:30 a.m. departure times.

Their clue told them to head to Villa Costanza. This time, the teams took separate taxis. As the other teams met up, there were no taxis around. Brooke was right when she said “the taxis always kill us.” The taxis kill a lot of teams on the Amazing Race.

Go-Kart Roadblock

For the Roadblock, the teams had to ride up Mount Pellegrino in go-karts, just like the racers in the Targa Florio car race. They had to beat the time of 4 minutes and 7 seconds. After they beat the time, they road back down the mountain by professional drivers in vintage cars.

Jim drove for Misti and Jim’s team; Kym drove instead of her partner, Alli. Jim played hard. He tried to cut Kym off while she raced up the hill. She was able to pull ahead since she was not as heavy as the dentist, who is a hobbyist bodybuilder. They both managed to get in under the specified time, and they both got their clues for the roadblocks.

Maya tried the race for her team. She was just short of making the time and had to head back down the mountain and try again. Next, the other teams made it to the mountain, and they ended up having to race each other. Maya, Brooke, Te Jay, and Adam all beat the time and got their clues.

Painter Detour

The painter detour had a limit of four teams. Most of the teams wanted to try this detour, because they thought it would be easier than the second option. In Painters, the teams had to complete paintings in a cramped crawl space area. They had to lay on their backs next to their partners as they finished cherub paintings. Most of the team members complained about the heat and the lack of space.



Pose Detour

In Pose, the teams had to watch 10 opera singers sing, and go to another room where there were costumes that match the costumes that the performers wore. Some of the costumes looked similar.

Jim and Misti and Kym and Alli decided to do the painting. Both groups asked their paintings to be reviewed and had left out minor details. They were both approved the second time around

Amy and Maya and Brooke and Robbie decided to go for the Pose detour. Both teams made small mistakes identifying the costumes, so they decided to join forces and work together. They completed the challenge and headed to the Pit Stop.

Jim and Misti and Kym and Alli raced to the finish, but Jim and Misti made it in first.The last team to make it to the Pit Stop was Tim and Te Jay, but they were saved. This was a non-elimination leg.