I have to admit that when it’s cold outside, and I’m feeling stressed out, the song Some Beach repeats in my head. Okay. Let me amend that. It doesn’t necessary have to be cold outside for me to want to head somewhere warm and sunny. The idea of heading off to some faraway beach and doing absolutely nothing is tempting, but I’m sure that I couldn’t be idle for long, because I feel strange when I spend any significant amount of time away from my tech toys.

Anyway, during one of those times when I simply had to feel productive, I decided to conduct some research to find the best beaches. I created a list of beaches that I would like to visit in the future. I wanted to keep my list of the best beaches to visit relatively short, and I wanted to choose beaches that are located in areas of the world that I’d actually want to visit. Beaches with picturesque scenery, clear water, and those with unique features are my idea of the best beaches, so these are the beaches that I placed on my list. I usually like beaches with soft sand, but I made a couple of exceptions. You’ll understand why when you view my photos. My beaches are randomly listed. So what is the best beach? I’ll let you choose.

1. Bora Bora

Bora Bora by Tiarescott


2.  Boulder Beach in South Africa

Boulder Beach by darkroomillusions



3. The Maldives

The Maldives by Sarah Ackerman


4. Seychelles Island

Seychelles by travelourplanet.com


5. Black Sandy Beach

Black Sand Beach by Matt McGee


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