Infinity pools somehow merge beauty that is created by humans with natural beauty. For everyone who just has to have a resort with a pool, an infinity pool adds a touch of extra glamor to a resort stay. If nothing else, you can certainly have some amazing photo opportunities at the following resorts with amazing (or at least interesting) infinity pools.

 1. InterContinental Hong Kong

Photo courtesy of the InterContinental Hong Kong/TravMedia

Photo courtesy of the InterContinental Hong Kong/TravMedia

The InterContinental Hong Kong has views of the Kowloon waterfront. The hotel has 500 rooms, gourmet restaurants and this dramatic pool.


2. Sheraton Bali Kuta

Sheraton Bali Kuta

Photo Courtesy of Sheraton Bali Kuta/TravMedia

Guests are treated to colorful skies from the sleek-designed infinity pool at the Sheraton Bali Kuta in Indonesia. The infinity pool overlooks the Indian Ocean, and is no more than about 4.5 feet deep.


3. Villa Muthee

Photo courtesy of Villa Muthee/TravMedia

Photo courtesy of Villa Muthee/TravMedia

The Villa Muthee at the Villingili Resort and Spa in Shangri La boasts this infinity pool eye candy. In addition to the personal infinity pool, Villa Muthee has 24-hour dining, large bathrooms and views of the Indian Ocean.


4. Astarte Suites

Astarte Suites

Photo courtesy of Astarte Suites/TravMedia

Astarte Suites Hotel in Santorini, Greece offers guests picturesque views of the the Aegean Sea. The rooms are exquisite, too. They have indoor or outdoor Jacuzzis and have tasteful, muted decor.


5.  Hotel Okura

Hotel Okura

Photo courtesy of the Hotel Okura in Bangkok/TravMedia

High up in the sky, the pool at the Hotel Okura in Bangkok, Thailand, the hotel ‘s infinity pool is heated and accompanies a fully-equipped gym.



6. La Casa Que Canta

Photo courtesy of the La Casa Que Canta/TravMedia

Photo courtesy of the La Casa Que Canta/TravMedia

La Casa Que Canta in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico is a small, elegant hotel with only 25 guest rooms. The rooms feature handcrafted furniture.



 7. Huvafen Fushi

Huvafen Fushi

Photo courtesy of Huvafen Fushi/TraMedia

Known for its underwater spa, LIME, the Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives also has various options for gazing at the Indian Ocean above ground. The Infinity pools, including the infinity pool, Lonu Veyo.



 8. Shore Restaurant

Shore Restaurant

Photo courtesy of the Shore Restaurant/TravMedia

The Hilton Pattaya’s Shore Restaurant  in Thailand has a swim up bar and amazing views from the 16th floor of the hotel.


9. Paresa Resort

Paresa Resort

Photo courtesy of the Paresa Resort/TravMedia

The Paresa Resort in Phuket has an infinity pool and another pool that is called the energy pool. The energy pool and the infinity pool are near each other, with the energy pool giving guests views of the Andaman sea. The energy pool has rose quartz in the center which it is said to have positive impacts on energy levels.

10. Zoetry Agua Resort


Zoetry Agua Resort Courtesy of AM Resorts/TravMedia

Zoetry Agua Resort Courtesy of AM Resorts/TravMedia

The Zoetry Agua Resort in Punta Cana combines art, health, and beauty. The resort features extras like maid service three times a day, laundry service, and in-room dining services (available 24 hours).