For the first time in the short history of the show,  a member of the Below Deck crew got engaged. Below Deck deckhand  Kyle Dixon proposed to  Ashley, someone whom he had been dating and had invited on the ship. You might have noticed something a little different about Ashley. The answer is “yes”. Lyle’s fiancée (at the time of the show’s filming) is transgender.

While the guests enjoyed an outing at the Baths Virgin Gorda, BVI, Ben Robinson and Kate Chastain bickered over when they should be served food.

Kate felt that Ben should have hors d’oeuvres waiting for them, and Ben rationalized that the guests might want to shower and change first, but Kate felt that they could be hungry and want to eat after they boarded the ship.

Photo by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

The guests were starving when they arrived back on the boat, and they asked that Ben keep the food coming.

During the last dinner, Kate and Ben were getting along for a hot minute. They were smiling and laughing with each other. Kyle and Kate were bunking together, and they had a discussion about how Nico Scholly and Lauren Burchell were talking about her behind her back.

Meanwhile, Kate called Nico and Lauren aside to talk to them, and she made her point that she was not pleased that they had been discussing her behind her back. Nico stormed out of the room after saying that he was done with the conversation. Lauren had a much meeker exit, but Kate said that she’d left with her tail between her legs.

Since Emily Warburton-Adams and Ben had a definite attraction for each other, Emily had a heart-to-heart with Ben, to figure out how he felt about Kate. There were some moments when Ben and Kate seemed a little too cozy with each other. Ben, was obviously drunk, and came at Emily for questioning his actions. Emily didn’t like that response at all, so she walked away from him and wondered if she wanted to have a relationship with someone who talked to her so rudely.

Kyle bought Kate’s ring from her (right off of her finger ) for $3,000, apparently,  and used it to propose to Ashley while everyone was relaxing at the bar/restaurant following their last voyage.

So, since Ben had too much to drink , he took the opportunity to tell Kate that he didn’t like working with her anymore. Kate’s response:

Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

I don’t like working with you either… I don’t even like being around you.


Kate Chastain

Who’s Together and Who’s Not On Below Deck?

Are  they still together? Is Kyle still engaged to Ashley? As romantic and spur-of-the-moment as the proposal on the finale had been, Kyle tweeted the  message above on November 24, 2016.

But, there is at least one happy couple. Emily and Ben are still together. According to an article on Bravo, the couple has been living together in Ft. Lauderdale.

At the end of the night, no one really talked to each other.

But Ben tried to apologize to Kate, and she wasn’t having it.

“I think that Ben wants to believe that our friendship is salvageable, but I think it’s not.”

Lauren declared Nico, the best friend that she’d met in such a short time.

Although they had their ups and downs, Captain Lee said that he would work with Kelley again.

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