On the Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, which aired on December 11, 2016, Phaedra Parks met with reporters and explained that there was no real bomb threat. She said that the bomber  was a good friend, Drama, and he was bringing over some music, some bomb music.  So she said the bomber never had a bomb, nor a threat. He just wanted to drop off some bomb new music, but because he used the word, ‘bomb’ it sent everyone in a bomb threat frenzy. He went to the wrong law office, instead of Phaedra’s by mistake.

Phaedra called in 10,000 Fearless Men a Security Detail.

At Kenya Moore’s home, Cynthia Bailey dropped over, and she explained that the birthday party that she planned for Matt  Jordan didn’t happen.

At the Old Lady Gang  Restaurant, Todd had been getting the construction on track, while Kandi had been working with the chef to decide on the food for the menu.

Update… Kandi posted on her Instagram page that the Old Lady Gang Restaurant is finally finished, but it still hadn’t opened yet to the public.

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Porsha Williams was moving out of her house and into a new one. The only trouble was that it appeared that she hadn’t decided on which new house she wanted to buy. She told her family that she was in a relationship with Todd Stewart and had hoped to have a family with him, so that’s why she needed a new home.

Then, Mama Joyce went to the Law firm  of Randall Kessler to consult with an attorney to see if Phaedra could actually get divorced from Apollo faster than she had said. Mama Joyce felt that Phaedra hadn’t been upfront about her divorce, and she felt that Phaedra had it in for her baby girl, Kandi.

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I wouldn’t piss in her mouth if her guts were on fire.

Mama Joyce

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Phaedra had a conversation with her mother about a visit that she had with Apollo, and she explained that they talked about the children. In her interview, she said that she thought that Apollo was on board with getting the divorce, although there had been a time period when he had wanted to stay together.

Kandi invited the girls to  Cook’s Warehouse for a tasting of the food, which will be served at the restaurant. Chef Jay had been preparing food that included some recipes from Kandi’s mothers and aunts.

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At the tasting, everyone stat down at the table and Sheree told Mama Joyce that Kenya said that her (Sheree’s hair looked like a tired Mama Joyce wig).

When Phaedra arrived to the tasting, Mama Joyce pulled her to the side (to tell her what she had found out from the attorney).

Mama Joyce came for me like I owe her some money. Thank God she kept her shoes on.

Phaedra Parks


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At the table, Phaedra explained that the guy who came by her office was one of her clients who had CDs in a FedEx package but had no bomb, but Mama Joyce stepped in and repeated what she’d heard on the news.

“He said he was tired of being messed around. He was looking for you and he was going to blow you the F*** up,” she said.

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I’m not sure where Mama Joyce is getting her information from, but it looks like she’s back in the streets, doing hood reporting again.

Phaedra Parks


Apparently her friend and client, Drama never threatened her at all. He just showed up at the wrong office in her business and there was a big misunderstanding.


Sheree asked Kandi about Block, and she said that he said that they needed to figure out how they were going to co-parent, which was surprising to everyone at the table since the daughter they share, Riley, is a teenager.

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I’m not surprised that Porsha has been around the block, because we all know she has. I just didn’t know that she’s been on Block’s block.

Kenya Moore


Then Cynthia met with her attorney and discussed the divorce from her husband. Apparently it was going to happen sooner than she expected.

Kenya was pictured in her house, crying in bed. Matt had come over and kicked a hole in a glass window in her garage. Kenya told Cynthia on the phone that Matt gets angry and acts out like a child. When Cynthia asked Kenya if she was afraid of Matt, Kenya said that he wouldn’t do anything to her.


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RHOA Filming Destination Focus:  Cooks Warehouse

Kandi Burruss had the tasting session for the Old Lady Gang Restaurant at the Cook’s Warehouse, which is a store for people who love to cook.

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