In The Bachelor, Week 5 episode, Nick Viall and his bachelorettes  headed off to New Orleans. Two women were eliminated in the rose ceremony, Sarah Vendal, a 26-year-old school teacher from Newport Beach, California, and Astrid Loch, a 26-year-old office manager from Tampa, Florida.

Chris Harrison announced that there would be a one-on-one date, a group date, and a two-on-one date. No one likes the three-on-one dates, because it means that one of the women would definitely go home during that date. Sometimes the women on the two-on-one date have a conflict with each other, like in the case of Taylor Nolan and Corinne Olympios.

Their conflict continued from last week’s episode. Corinne felt that Taylor looked down on her, and Taylor felt that Corinne was immature and unable to get along with others. All of the women knew that either Corinne or Taylor wasn’t coming back after their date.


Rachel went on the one-on-one date with Nick. They explored New Orleans together. They danced in the streets in a parade to honor them. They munched on oysters and browsed in the French Market and had beignets at Cafe Du Monde, a coffee stand and market that was founded in 1862.

The Bachelor 2017, Nick Viall

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My chemistry with Rachel is probably the most explosive chemistry I have at this point with any of the women. She’s confident, sexy and smart. She kind of has it all.

Nick Viall

The Bachelor 2017


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Nick Viall and Rachel Lindsay ate tasty-looking beignets at Cafe Du Monde on The Bachelor, Week 5 episode

Nick and Rachel

Nick Viall and Rachel Lindsay

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The Bachelor, Week 5 Episode with Nick and Rachel

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The Bachelor, Week 5 episode Rachel and Nick

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“Til Death Do Us Part,” read the date for the group date. The women went to the Houmas House, a haunted house in New Orleans. The tour guide told the group the story of May, an 8-year-old who died in the house, and apparently haunts it. This spooky date included a ouija board, strange occurrences in the house (like a chandelier falling) and some of the women said that they felt a ghostly presence in the house.

Why not spend the night at the most haunted plantation in Louisiana? 👻 #thebachelor #ibelieveinghosts

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The group tried to communicate with the spirit of a little girl called May, on The Bachelor, Week 5 episode.

For the two-on-one date, Taylor, Corinne and Nick visited a voodoo priestess. The priestess told Taylor that she was in tune with her emotions and to watch her back. While Taylor had her session with the voodoo priestess, Corinne couldn’t wait to tell Nick that Taylor had been verbally abusing her, ignoring her, and that Taylor had been acting though she was better than her. During the big moment when Nick announced his choice of who will be sent home, Taylor was asked to go. But Taylor, had something to say before she left. She surprised everyone, by showing up after her date.

In the next episode viewers supposedly will find out what Taylor had to say and see how Nick handled the situation.

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