Nine artificial islands are being developed for community style housing. The islands will have both single-story and multi-story buildings. Both business and residential buildings will exist on the island, with the inner area of the island, designed for homes and the outer portion of the islands targeted for commercial use.

Therefore, the Menorah Islands will become an over the water live/work communities with homes, commercial businesses for work, shopping centers, supermarkets and entertainment. Transportation, a rail system, will provide easy access to all. Developers hope that this will reduce or eliminate the need for personal automobiles on the islands.

Menorah Islands Project

Menorah Islands Project

Do you think life on the Menorah Islands will be expensive? The developers hope not. The residences and buildings are being developed with people who live in “lower income brackets” in mind. The cost of living there is planned to be low, since the structures on the island will use energy¬†generate energy generated from the wind and the sun.

The Menorah Islands, located off of the coast of Israel are artificial islands, planned as close-knit communities where diverse people are welcome.

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