Marriott Kids Menu

Marriott Kids Menu


J.W. Marriott announced today that its properties will have a new healthier menu for younger travelers. This latest Marriott kids menu, developed in partnership with author Keri Glassman, will include fresh vegetables and comfort foods, prepared using techniques that will promote a healthy lifestyle without ignoring the importance of taste and satisfying flavors.

The single has three sections. It includes a Kids Nosh section with items like carrots and yogurt dip, cheese cubes and grapes. They’ll also get an activity book to keep them busy (hopefully) at the table. Maybe crayons or pencils come with that too.

Next, there’s a section for the Big Kids, which most people will probably think of as a junior menu. Turkey meatballs and grilled chicken are some of the meal options on the Big Kids section. Children have a third section of the menu with a la carte options. They can choose what they want to eat among separate choices in this section, called appropriately, This, That, and The Other. Children love options, and all of the options in this part of the menu promotes healthier eating habits and freedom of choice (or as much choice as their parents allow). The JW Marriott Kids Menu debuts at Marriott Hotel and Resorts locations in the United States this spring.


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