Love and Hip Hop Atlanta began where it left off last week with an altercation. Season 5 Episode 3  began with a fight between Betty Idol and Tammy fought. Tammy pulled out Betty’s hair (her real hair, not a weave) and Betty screamed as though Tammy pulled off her right arm.

 Jessica Dime invited Tiarra out  to Twisted Soul in Decatur. Jessica wanted to get to know Scrapp DeLeon’s baby’s mother. Jessica asked Tiarra if she was still sleeping with Scrapp and Tiarra said yes. Tiarra says that Scrapp needs to cut Tommie off and she needs to be put in her place, and if Scrapp didn’t do that, Tiarra was going to keep their baby away from him. Jessica Dime told Tiarra that her idea could go
all the way left.

Scrapp DeLeon from Love and Hip Hop

Scrapp DeLeon from Love & Hip Hop Photo Courtesy of VH1

Next, Scrapp DeLeon went to pay a visit to someone to get some advice on his love triangle woes. He chose to speak with his uncle Stevie J. since Stevie has plenty of experience with having issues with two women at the same time. Stevie gave Scrapp the advice that it took several seasons of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta to learn for him to follow himself. Stevie told Scrapp to choose between the two women, but Scrapp said that he wasn’t ready to make a choice. By the end of the segment, Scrapp had decided to talk to both of the women together.

Tammy and Waka Flocka

Tammy went to see Waka Flocka. She flew to see him in LA where she could vent about the fight that she had with Betty. Tammy asked her husband to come to a magazine party. She also invited D. Smith, because she wanted her husband to meet her, and she wanted D. Smith to see what kind of a man Waka really was.


Betty Idol and Scrappy

Betty and Scrappy were in the Zac Recording Studios. Scrappy was flirting with Betty and Betty felt that she had to tell Scrappy what happened between herself and Tammy. It turns out that Scrappy’s ex, Bambi and Tammy are friends.

Cirque Daiquiri Bar and Grill in Buckhead is where the Black Men Magazine cover release party was held in honor of Tammy’s cover photo. Tammy’s family members, her mother and mother-in-law Deb Atney, attended as well as Tammy’s friends, Mimi, and Mimi’s girlfriend Chris, Jessica Dime, and Bambi. Waka Flocka was there, too. D. Smith didn’t show up, which raised Tammy’s curiosity.

Tammy chatted about her feelings about D. Smith and Betty Idol. She wondered why D. Smith didn’t come to her defense during her fight with Betty, which was a strange question since Tammy and D. Smith had just met.

Stevie J.

Stevie returned to Atlanta because he wanted to spend as much time as he could with
his family AND he could get tax breaks on the movie he’s involved in. He visited Mimi’s house to catch up. While he was there,  Mimi revealed that she had a new boo, a woman. That wasn’t surprising to Stevie at all.

Speaking of visitors. Bambi went to visit to Scrappy’s house, because she was angry about the fight between Betty Idol and her friend, of course. Bambi gave Scrappy back his promise ring. She took her dog back (after the dog clearly favored her instead of Scrappy).

Tammy from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Tammy Rivera from Love and Hip Hop Atlana Photo courtesy of VH1


Tammy and D. Smith

At J&J Bourbon Bar in Virginia Highlands, Tammy met up with D. Smith. She wanted to know why she didn’t attend her event. D. Smith said that the people at the cover release cover wasn’t kind of her crowd, but D. Smith was  really angry about what Wacka Flocka said in an interview about transgender people.

Then Tammy indicated that she thought that D. Smith should have said something during the altercation she had with Betty. After all, Tammy would have had D. Smith’s back if she needed her. This shocked D. Smith since they had just met.

Of course, Tammy would have had D. Smith’s back,  she said: “We were trying to work together.”

“No. You were trying to work with me,” D. Smith said, finally revealing her true feelings about Tammy.

D. Smith said that she was a producer and a writer, she didn’t want to work as a model for Tammy’s new fashion brand.

Tammy and D. Smith had a verbal argument and Tammy walked away after taunting D. Smith.

At Suite Food Lounge, in downtown Atlanta Scrapp Deleon arranged for Tiarra and Tommie and himself to have a sit-down conversation, but the talk quickly disintegrated into a physical fight between the women and security had to break them up.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Travel Destination Focus:  Suite Food Lounge

Suite Food Lounge is where Scrapp DeLeon, Tiarra and Tommie met up to talk about his relationship with the two women. It is the focus destination for this episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, a place to try out if you are in Atlanta or plan to visit. On the menu are entrees that include organic chicken, orange miso salmon, and shrimp scampi.

Lobster Mac and Cheese

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Chicken and Waffles

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