I learned quite a bit about traveling abroad when I moved to South Korea for a year. Although I had traveled abroad on other occasions, moving around the world really helped me become a better traveler. Here are some points that I learned during my experiences in traveling by air.

1. Pack your luggage with your final items days before your trip. I was still adding items to my luggage the day of my trip, which caused me a great deal of stress especially when I realized that my bags were over the weight limit. So, once your bags are packed, weigh them on a good scale.

2. Wear comfortable shoes that are easy to remove. I always wear comfortable shoes to the airport, but I usually had to deal with laces in the check-points. It’s much easier to wear shoes that you can slide your feet out of.

3. Bring your own blanket and pillow. You’ll probably be more comfortable on the plane if your bring your own neck pillow and blanket. The blankets on the plane are always too thin. It’s also more hygienic to use your own items.

4. Be patient with accents and language differences. Speaking louder and slower, probably won’t help much if you are traveling to an area where your language isn’t spoken, and you cannot speak a word of the native language. People have different reactions when confronted with travelers who do not speak their language. Some people will try to help you, other people may feel intimidated and literally try to get away from you. Use a language translator to help you get out of sticky situations.

5. Carry a working cell phone with you. When I first arrived in South Korea, I honestly couldn’t even use the pay phone in the airport. Yes. They still have pay phones in South Korea, but I couldn’t figure out how it worked. It’s easier to connect with people when you have a working cell phone when you arrive to your destination.

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