The Shahs of Sunset cast had two choices for activities during their working vacation in Belize. They could go caving or stay behind and enjoy a massage. Reza Farahan decided to stay behind to avoid Golnesa Gharachedaghi who loves the outdoors and chose to go caving.

Mike Shouhed  was hopeful that Jessica Parido would show up in Belize as a surprise. He was feeling lonely in such a romantic place without his wife. There was a surprise visit, but it wasn’t Jessica. It was Tommy. It was a heart-warming and happily shocking surprise for Mercedes.

Reza wanted to talk to Mike a little more about Jessica and the marriage, so he told Mike that Jessica said Mike had cheated. Mike insisted that Jessica saw a single message from a girl (and it was over a year old). He insisted that it was nothing, and he never cheated with her. He claimed that he never cheated on Jessica with anyone.

These stories are not adding up. Mike and Jessica are telling me stories that make no sense.


The Shahs of Sunset

SHAHS OF SUNSET — Season:5 — Pictured: Reza Farahan — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Reza had his suspicions about Mike’s story. He’d known Mike for a long time, and felt that Jessica’s claims were a definite possibility.

Asa had the idea to sneak into Tommy and MJ’s room during their intimacy and film them. The happy couple laughed off the intrusion and agreed to have a photo shoot to the pool, because Asa wanted some couple’s portraits for a project that she’s working on.

The rest of the group ventured out to Xibalba for caving. Shervin Roohparvar was definitely afraid of the bats in the cave. Back at the resort, as Asa and Reza got their massages, Asa Soltan implored Reza to talk to Mike again, and try to get him to fess up on what they suspected. Jessica was right when she found out that he had  cheated.

Reza called Jessica on the phone while they were in Belize, and Jessica dished some details. She said that she was working on her resume on Mike’s computer when an iMessage popped up.  She looked at the message and there were many messages that went back for several months before. The string of messages went all the up until the week after Mike asked her to marry him. So, Jessica read this trail of messages that asked for an address, what Mike wanted the girl(s) to wear, where he could meet up with his hook-up.

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There were multiple messages that were not appropriate for a married man.

Jessica Parido

Shahs of Sunset

Jessica said that she is not going back to him. There’s no chance.

Not only did he cheat. It was on multiple occasions, Jessica said.

Reza went on a mission to get Mike to tell the truth and be the man that Jessica deserves, even though she no longer wanted him.

At first, Mike stuck with his story.  He said that he gets text messages all the time, and he didn’t cheat with anyone. Maybe he could tell that Reza wasn’t buying what he was selling, because Mike finally admitted that there were some text messages and he was a bad husband.

“This mistake was catastrophic,” Mike said.

Jessica  filed for divorce from Mike in 2015.


Photo of Belize by F. Ermert