Stevie finally set the record straight on the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta episode that aired on at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on June 27, 2016. He revealed that he was not married to Joseline Hernandez. How did the rumor that Stevie J. and Joseline were married get started? Stevie J. said that there was an article in Hip Hop Weekly that mentioned that they were married, and he just ran with it. At the Suite Food Lounge, Joseline told the reporters that she was married to Stevie.

Joseline had no idea that Mimi found out that Stevie didn’t have other children, but Mimi did hear about the radio interview in which it came out that he was not married to Joseline. Mimi was so angry that she threatened to throw Stevie out. She was irritated that the woman whom she thought was her child’s stepmother was just Stevie’s girlfriend.

The guys, Kirk, Scrappy, J-Nick and Yung Joc had a card game going on at J-Nick’s place. Amber, J-Nick’s girlfriend, flirted with Yung Joc right in front of her J-Nicks. She spilled a drink on Yung Joc and patted him down as though her boyfriend wasn’t even in the room. Everyone saw it, and J-Nicks commented on it, but Amber played innocent.

Then the cameras focused on Tammy Rivera, looking lonely in a park.

As hard as it is for me to admit, when me and Waka said our vows, I knew that he would change, and a lot of the things, he did change, and a lot of things didn’t. If my husband can’t stand up and fight for our marriage the way I fight for it or the way I fight for him, then it might be time for me to let it go.

Tammy Rivera

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta



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Mommy Dee arranged for Betty Idol to meet with Scrappy and her, but Scrappy wanted to stay away from Betty, because he thought there was too much drama when she came around. Scrappy hinted out loud that he wasn’t interested in Betty, because he had someone else in mind.


Karlie celebrated her birthday with plenty of theatrics. Rasheeda and Jessica Dime were at the party. While they were chatting outside of the venue, Karlie told Dime that she had been holding things down by visiting Scrapp in jail, and Dime told Karlie that she heard that Stevie and Joseline were not married. This was news to Karlie. Karlie said that she wanted to come clean with Lyfe Jennings (her on again, off again boyfriend) and tell him that she’d been seeing Scrapp. She planned to tell him during their trip to the Grammies. Karlie invited Dime to go with her to the Grammies with Lyfe.

Bambi was worried about her friend, Tammy. Tammy told Bambi that Waka was struggling with being a good husband. Although  he wants to be there and do right she spilled the tea that:




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I know for a fact that he’s not faithful.

Tammy Rivera

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Bambi advised Tammy to stay focused on her swimwear line and her other endeavors. Tammy said that she spoke to Deb Antney about her marital problems, and she said the same thing, although Deb wanted to lay hands on her son for cheating on his wife.

J-Nicks took Tiarra out to Sufi’s, in downtown Atlanta for a date. He’d known Tiarra for years and had been interested in her, but they’d kept their relationship on the friendship level. Since Tiarra and Scrapp were not in a relationship anymore, Tiarra decided to see what other opportunities were out there. J-Nicks told Tiarra that he was not in a relationship with Amber.


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After going out with Tiarra tonight, in my heart I feel like it’s time for me to move on, and tonight proved that. J


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

The next scene showed Amber Priddy showering at Yung Joc’s place. Amber already knew that J-Nicks was interested in Tiarra. That morning, after spending the evening with Amber, Yung Joc realized that he had to tell J-Nick that he’d hooked up with his ex. He had to come clean. Amber didn’t care if Yung Joc spilled the beans or not, because she claimed that she was not with J-Nick anymore.

Tommie came by Joseline’s house for a visit, and while she was there, she told Joseline that she had words with Scrapp about finding a Marriott receipt with Karlie’s name on it in his car. Tommie told Joseline that to get back at Scrapp, she told him that she was going to have Stevie J. give her some oral sexual gratification.

Now, this changed the way Joseline felt about Tommie, because now she was beginning to really distrust her. Although Tommie came clean and told Joseline what she’d said before Joseline heard about it in the streets,  Joseline felt that Tommie was no better than Karlie Redd (which was not a good thing in Joseline’s book). In her confessional, she said that Tommie is a whore. But after all of that, Joseline propositioned Tommie to have a fling with her that night, and Tommie went right ahead on to Joseline’s bedroom.


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Stevie J. had decided to  step in as Sas’ manager while Scrapp was locked up, and he invited Dime to come by Street Execs Studios, where he was collaborating with Sas. Stevie was willing to work with her since Joseline was out of the picture. Dime had really wanted to work with Stevie in the past, but Stevie had words with her and said that no one wanted to work with her. But Stevie had a change of heart recently, and gave Dime a close hug after he told her his plans to work with her (and said that Joseline was no longer in the picture).


Photo of Tammy Rivera, courtesy of VH1