This sixth episode of the Amazing Race S25 had the teams chasing goats, making cream, and doing zipping through the air in the Atlas Mountains.
The teams left from the Al Matjar Carpet Shop with Cyclists Kym and Ally in first place. The teams were instructed to proceed to horse-drawn carriages of Marrakech in Morocco. Marrakech is the third largest city in Morocco. Alli and Kym were the first to leave.

The Amazing Race Cast

Photo Courtesy of CBS

The Amazing Race teams had to find marked bags of hay, take them to a stable, and ride horse-drawn carriages back to the town. They were given apples to feed their horses, Once the horses were fed, they were rewarded with their next clue.

Tim and Te Jay said that in the next parts of the race they would have to use more strategy if they didn’t have enough physical strength to conquer. After all, their competitors are professional wrestlers, professional cyclists, and even professional dentists (who body build on the side) so we can’t blame them.

Shelley and Nici were trying (successfully) not to argue, which was a good thing. Heading out everyone hopped in taxis relatively early on. Well, everyone except Tim and Te Jay used taxis. Tim and Te Jay decided to go by foot.

Meanwhile, the Scientists were driving around trying to find the hay. “The direction thing is really going to bite us in the butt if we are not careful.”

Bethany climbed up an old ladder and said “Rickety, rickety,” as she hoisted herself up. That was probably the only time she commented negatively about anything in this episode, and this episode was a lot. Tim and Te Jay eventually took a cab to the location (happy dance).

Next, the teams drove themselves to a local pottery stand in Ford Fiestas. And the scientists still couldn’t find the hay for the first challenge…

Adam happened to make the comment that, “I bet the cyclists are super good at directions.” Yep… He was right…


Amazing Race S25 E6 Detours

This episode of the Amazing Race had the detours: Camp or Cream

The teams had to drive themselves to the detour in those Ford Fiesta they were given after they successfully completed the carriage rides. It went downhill for #MomDaughter when someone said “uh oh” when they realized that they had to drive themselves around.

In the Cream detour, the teams had to milk a goat until they had a certain amount of milk in a bowl. Then they had to use an ancient technique from the Berber people who lived in Morocco for thousands of years. They had to shake some old milk in a bag until it turned to cream.

The scientists might have had trouble getting around in Morocco, but they certainly didn’t have trouble churning milk. Thank goodness that Maya is basically getting her PhD in milk fat, and she knew the force that you thrust it in the bag was the important factor in turning it into cream.

For the Camp detour, the teams had to re-create a Berber-style camp.

The cyclists started with Cream but changed to Camp, and then they changed to cream again. They weren’t shaking the cream in the bag correctly, but the Camp detour was too complicated and frustrating. They made the right choice by going back to the Cream detour.

Misti and Jim decided to stay away from the animals, and chose the camp detour. That was smart move, because they aren’t good with animals. And couple of teams were chasing goats around trying to find some with big ta-tas. One goat jumped over a fence to get away. Smart goat!

The teams that completed Cream were: Adam and Bethany, Kym and Alli, Amy and Maya, Brooke and Robbie, and Shelley and Nici

Camp Detour Teams were: Tim and Te Jay, Misti and Jim


Amazing Race Roadblock in the Mountains

Finally, the teams had a Roadblock. One member from each team, walked across a wood and rope bridge (with missing steps) ziplined, and put together a puzzle in the Atlas Mountains. Misti did the challenge for Dentists. “This is way higher than I’ve ever been before and higher
than I ever want to be again,” she said.

Mom Daughter took what appeared to be hours to get to the Detour and they got lost again while heading to the Roadblock. They were eliminated.

Misti and Jim were first to make it to the Pit Stop. They won 5 nights in Brazil at the Belmond Hotel das Cataratas. Their package came with a dinner, a safari and a trip to repel down the Iguassu falls.

Here is the order that the Amazing Race teams made it in:

  1. Jim/Misti
  2. Adam/Bethany
  3. Kym/Alli
  4. Tim/Te Jay
  5. Brooke/Robbie
  6. Amy/Maya
  7. Shelley/Nici Eliminated