The Braxton Family Values was a-nail biter. Traci finally went to have her hysterectomy and everyone was concerned as to whether or not she should be okay in the episode that aired at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on June 9, 2016 on WE tv. Traci was fine in the end, but still weak from her surgery. The doctor instructed her to stay off of her awhile, so she could heal.

Tamar Braxton had another surer to have her second rib removed to prevent it from collapsing her veins and give her a blood clot in the future. and she was on her way to her follow-up for her surgery.


Tamar asked Towanda about Trina’s boyfriend Jacent, but Jacent was not Towanda’s favorite person. Towanda felt that Jacent should just be a rebound guy, someone Trina could have fun with. Towanda told Tamar that she thinks that Jacent is a talented liar. They spoke with Toni on the phone, and Toni said that Jacent seemed sneaky, and he just wants to be famous.

Trina’s son is the host at her restaurant , Bar Chix and Trina received a negative review about Bar Chix and the host. She spoke with him about maintaining his appearance and not being lax at work.

Tamar Braxton headed to Little Rock, Arkansas to co-host the Designers Choice Fashion Week Preview Charity event. The money will benefit a summer youth camp. Since she was no longer with the Real, talk show, Tamar was excited to be able to put more time in her fashion business, and she showed some pieces from the Tamar Collection shoe line during the show. Tamar invited Towanda there so they could have some fun. Towanda attended the event, and Tamar had a chance to hang out with her before the event, but Towanda was in the dressing room while Tamar hosted.

Towanda said that she was waiting for Tamar’s fashion show. Tamar showed off her shoes. The city of Arkansas proclaimed the day as Tamar Braxton Day.

Tamar and Towanda had dinner, and Tamar asked her sister why she had been visiting Los Angeles so often. Tamar mentioned that she was happy that about 20 or 30 children will be able to experience summer camp because of the fashion show. She also blurt out that she wanted to have more kids. Tamar felt guilty, because her son Logan is an only child, and she wanted him to have siblings.

There was also some talk (from Towanda to Tamar) about Traci giving her husband a hall pass to have a physical relationship with another woman as she healed.

Tracy from the Braxton Family Values

Traci from the Braxton Family Values

At Uncle Julio’s, a Mexican restaurant in Atlanta, Trina, Evelyn, Toni, and Tamar had a meal. Trina said that her 21-year-old Eric needs to leave home. He lives and works with Trina, and she felt that he needed to be on his own. Trina didn’t want him to pay rent, and she didn’t want to put him out.

Travel Destination Focus on the Braxton Family Values: Uncle Julio’s


Braxton Family Values sisters, Toni, Tamar, Trina and Towanda settled down to dine and chat at Uncle Julio’s in Atlanta. A restaurant that serves upscale Mexican cuisine. From this episode of the BFV it sounds like the Braxton sisters have been to Uncle Julio’s before.


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Trina said that she asked her father why he didn’t come to her wedding when she got married, but he went to the weddings of his other children. Trina felt slighted, because when she first married Gabe, Braxton (her father) didn’t come because of his wife’s wishes. Trina’s father had remarried.