In the If these Woods Could Talk episode, (Season 9, Episode 13) Sheree Whitfield talked to Marlo Hampton about the other women talking about each other’s backs on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Marlo advised her to say something to both parties who were continuously saying not-so-nice things about their friends without their knowledge.


If These Woods Could Talk: Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo

I’ve been camping a few times, so I’ve pitched a couple of tents, but I’d love to see if these girls can pitch a tent that you actually sleep in, not on top of.

First, the girls had to pitch their own tent. Jason, the camping expert took only a few minutes to pitch his tent. It took them at least two hours to assemble their tents.

At the campfire, Marlo and Kenya Moore had words over Kenya not inviting Marlo to her party. Kenya apparently thought that everything was settled after she apologized but Marlo was still angry after the apology. That was apparent when she called her a bitch. Marlo had some low blows. She told Kenya that she couldn’t even keep a broke man, and that if “a person’s momma didn’t even want to be bothered by her, you know something’s wrong with them.”

Even Kandi said that Marlo shouldn’t have hit like that. Marlo asked Kenya if she wanted her lifestyle and Kenya came back with saying that no one wanted her lifestyle, because no one wanted to be a prostitute.

Phaedra Parks tried to pull the argument back by saying that they all needed to make a conscious effort to change. They had come there for unity. The next time, they were going to come together for team building. So, they woke up at 7 am to start a new day at the camp.

I slept awful. I don’t even know if I slept. I’m just grateful that nothing crawled on me and bit me

Cynthia Bailey

Real Housewives of Atlanta

If These Woods Could Talk: Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo

Kenya was actually in charge of the second day of activities.  Over breakfast, the topic of Phaedra’s and Cynthia’s divorces came up. Phaedra said that she was going to be divorced soon, and everyone was surprised that it was taking so long, since she filed for divorce a year earlier. Meanwhile, Cynthia’s divorce was going to be finalized soon and she was upset that Peter wasn’t coming to the final court appearance for it. Cynthia felt that they owed it to each other to make their divorce official in person. The other women hugged her and supported Cynthia when she teared up over breakfast.

For the women’s next adventure camping, they went out on paddle boats and kayaks. They complained about the water being dirty.

Sheree said that the water stunk and screamed about sitting in the water in the boat. Apparently the boat had a capacity of 150 pounds and these women definitely put it over capacity.

Next they went ziplining. They climbed up 100 feet. Kenya went first.  Marlo went next. Kandi floated down, gracefully.

Porsha was probably the most scared, because she said that she didn’t even like seesaws. The wall that they went up was the World’s Tallest Free Standing Climbing Wall. They all supported each other and gave each other their props.

If These Woods Could Talk: Photo by: Annette Brown/Bravo

If These Woods Could Talk: Spilling Tea

At dinner that night, they reflected on their positive energy. Kenya said that she was upset that she had hurt Marlo and she apologized. Marlo  felt that since everyone was being real, she wanted to openly discuss the issue of talking behind each other’s backs. So, she asked Kandi if she was a lesbian. Porsha seemed to be the most shocked asking, “Who said that?” And of course it turns out that Porsha was the one who said it. Kandi wanted to know who said it.

Porsha and Phaedra were quiet and not saying anything. Sheree finally recounted how Porsha insinuated that Kandi was in the closet. Porsha said that she said it, but she was trying to figure out why she said it and it was her being shady. But when it was brought up that Kandi had sex with Shamea no one fessed up to who said it (although it was Phaedra who said it).  Kandi said that she couldn’t take Porsha because she tried to cover things up instead of being open.

And Kandi admitted that although she tried being with a woman, she didn’t do anything more than what Porsha had done.

Back in the room the talked about what happened at dinner. They laughed about how Porsha acted as though she was so innocent when she had done her share of talking. Kandi told her group of friends that Porsha did more than a little bit with a woman and she shouldn’t talk about Kandi’s sex life. And Porsha told her friends that she knew about Kandi’s personal business, but Kandi didn’t know about her sex life. They had dirt on each other and threatened to tell all if forced to.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Travel Destination Focus: Banning Mills Retreat and Adventure Center

In the If These Woods Could Talk episode (Season 13, Episode 9) the women glamped at The Banning Mills Retreat and Adventure Center, a resort and retreat center with a bed and breakfast. The center is located on 300 acres and is a 45-minute drive away from Atlanta, in the historic town of Banning Mills (also called Whitesburg, Georgia). The retreat is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the World’s Largest Zipline and Canopy Tour Destination.

Images of Banning Mills, courtesy of Historic Banning Mills