The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood episode that aired on August 22, 2016 began where it let off last week.  Shanda was trying to figure out whether or not her husband had a relationship with another woman.  So, at the Village Studio, Shanda questioned Willie about what he’d been up to. He said that he hadn’t been doing anything outside of his relationship. Shanda showed him the text messages and photos that Kyesha had given her. Willie admitted that he knew Kyesha Shalina from Chicago. He identified his number from the text messages.

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I knew Willie right off the bat wouldn’t admit what he’s done. I know who I’m dealing with. So, let’s all get together, so we can get to the bottom of this.



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They met up in a parking lot, and Willie said that although he messed up, he loves his wife. He told her that he didn’t have anything with her while he was with his wife. Kyesha said that not only had she been pregnant by Willie, but they had a relationship for over a decade.

“So, Willie sitting up here acting like he don’t know who the hell I am, but every time he comes to Chicago, he’s in my bed. Willie keep playing this back and forth game between me and Shanda. He tells me that he loves me, and I’m here to see if that’s really true,” Kyesha said.

Willie said that he has nothing to talk about with Kyesha and walked away.

Meanwhile,  Max came home with a bag of money, $27,000 for his son. He closed a deal so that he could have another savings account for their little boy. He gave Brandi the money to keep for their toddler.

“…. I know when I give her the money, it’s going to be safe,” he said.

In the next scene, Masika, who was pregnant (at the time) from Fetty Wap met with her lawyers. She said that she’d never wanted to get a lawyer involved but she had no choice since he was not contributing any money for the child. He’d gone on social media and denied that he was the father.

“He made it clear that if I go forward with this baby, I’d be on my own,” Masika said.

Attorney Robin Sax explained that her first step was to get a paternity test to make sure that he’s the father. The next step would be to determine the amount of support and the amount of custody that he’d get.

At their apartment, Willie apologized to Shanda and said that he just got caught up in a series of text messages and that Kyesha told him that her mother had passed. That made him text her. Willie said that he hadn’t seen her since 2004, and they didn’t have an ongoing relationship with her. They had something going earlier, but the recent messages were just text messages.

Shanda insisted that they all meet up again so she could the truth.

Then at Red O in Los Angeles, Ray J. and Princess had their engagement party. Princess was distracted, because she was thinking about the prenup agreement that Ray had asked her to sign.

“If a prenuptial agreement is required to be a Norwood, maybe I don’t need to be one,” Princess said.

Princess talked to Brandy Norwood about her dilemma, and Brandy suggested that Princess talk to Sonja and Ray J. about the situation. “I think you should be completely honest with him about how it makes you feel. Even about my mom. I think you should tell her, too.  Brandy had wanted to be a bridesmaid for the wedding, but Princess surprised her, and asked her to be the maid of honor. Brandy was thrilled, because she considers Princess a sister.

“We are here for you. You are family to us. That’s just it,” Brandy Norwood said.

Ray J spoke with Max about the prenup. Max said that if gave her to sign the prenup it was as if he didn’t trust her. Max and Little Brandi eloped. Max mentioned that Brandi,  and Princess had been doing a lot together to prepare for the wedding, but Ray, innocently said that they hadn’t even started planning, and nothing had been done.

Max thought that for the last two weeks, B had been running around with Princess for the wedding. Since that wasn’t the case, she was up to something.

Max gave speeches to honor Ray and Princess at their engagement party. Ray ripped up the prenuptial agreement to prove they didn’t need that in their lives.

Nia and Moniece met up at Maseka’s place. Maseka talked about the post from Moniece saying that Ray J. only got with Princess to prove that he could have her and that he scraped the bottom of the barrel. posted about getting being with Ray first. It was a 15 second video with a caption that said that Ray J. hit it first.

Moniece had a confrontation at Yandy and Mendecee’s wedding. Princess thought that Moniece was a little too familiar with Ray J, because she called him Raymond, but Princess knew that Moniece and Ray J. slept together 10 years ago.

At the House of Macau in Hollywood, Princess and Jason met up to do a piece on Hollywood unlocked.  Princess thought that she was doing an interview for Hollywood Unlocked about her wedding. She didn’t know that Jason Lee, from the publication had planned to tell her that Moniece was telling everyone that she’d had sex with Ray J in the past. Princess was annoyed and said in her testimonial that Jason was messy.

Princess said that at the time Ray J was 19 and in his crazy days. They’d only been together one.

“If you had one thing to say to Moniece, what would it be?” Jason asked.

“Be ready, because I’m coming for you, bi***,” was Princess’s response.

At Nikki’s house, Shanda, Nikki, and Brandi Boyd met up. Shanda explained that she was going through a lot. She told them what had happened with Willie. She said that he didn’t deny the text. Nikki warned Shanda to watch Willie carefully, so could figure things out. What if Kyesha was telling the truth?

Then, at Kandi Land, Teairra Mari and Moniece got together to talk about the Princess’s interview. Moniece said that she’d been with Ray more than once. They watched a video of Princess’s interview with Jason Lee on Teairra’s phone. They heard her call Moniece bitter and hateful and say that Moniece would never have a man of her own. Then they heard Princess say that she was going to handle Moniece when she saw her and that she was coming for her. Moniece said that since Princess reached out to her, she was willing to meet with her. Teairra reminded Moniece that Princess had threatened to get her.

“What I really want to do is bust that b**** up side her head and just keep it pushing,” Moniece said.

Ray J invited Soul J boy to meet up. Ray J confessed that he was in love with Princsss, but he was really there to discuss a business proposition – his electric scooters. They are like motorcycles he explained. He showed Ray J. the prototype for the Soulja Boy bike. He asked Ray J to blast to his social network about the bikes.

Shanda, Willie and Kyesha got together at Bugatta in West Hollywood.  Kyesha said in her confessional that she and Willie had been in a relationship for 12 years. Willie had been living a double life, and it was time that Shanda found out about it.

When questioned about the baby that Kyesha had carried, she said that she’d lost the baby because Shanda was pregnant at the same time and she was so stressed out because Willie was lying.

Willie insited that he was not changing his story. He hadn’t seen Kyesha in over 10 years, but Kyesha said that they’d met up  on December 12, 2015 at the Red Roof Inn Hotel and they’d had sex. Kyesha even knew that Shanda was in L.A. and that Willie told her where she was. While they were arguing, Kyesha said that she wasn’t the only woman that Willie had seeing. As the arguing intensified, Kyesha screamed out that she was still in love in Willie, and Shanda took a swing at her. Security intervened.

Keysha said that was still in love with Willie, and she wasn’t going to fall back. She wasn’t going to leave until she did get the truth out.