On Match Made in Heaven, Elle had an out-of-town date in Atlanta with Stevie. She accompanied him to a charity event for the Ceta Youth Foundation, an organization that he runs to empower and help keep children fit.

Elle can go into any environment and win. Those are qualities that a man wants in his life.

Stevie Baggs

Match Made in Heaven, Season 2

Match Made in Heaven: Stevie Baggs

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Lola loved to see Elle engaging with a young child who got an Easy Bake oven at the event. The scene reminded Lola of her own childhood, and how she would have loved to have someone like Elle to spend time with her.

Stevie took Elle to his café, Dream Café in Atlanta. Guests can write their dreams on the wall and return to reflect on how far they’ve come.


Stevie Baggs’ Dream Cafe

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Match Made from Heaven gives contestants different scenarios or choices to test their morals. This week’s temptation was based on character. While Stevie was away, they got a temptation. They went to the club. The women had to be on their best behavior when they thought that no one was looking, but a few of them showed a side of themselves that Stevie wouldn’t like.

Elle returned from the date. Ms. Lola really liked Elle because she felt that she and Elle had a lot in common. So, Lola was all in for Elle.

Christina had a dance planned for Stevie during the following week. Christina did a hip hop routine for Stevie and then she gave him a dance lesson.



Every time I’m around Christina, everything goes in slow motion.

Stevie Baggs

Match Made in Heaven, Season 2

Medgie and Elle got into it. Medgie was screaming that she would drag her after Elle put her hand in her face.

Stevie had a workout date with Kimmy. They had a fun time with Stevie showing Kimmy some moves in the gym. Then they had a pool a romantic time in the pool.

But Stevie’s happy mood turned sour when he saw the disappointing footage from the night the women had at the club.

Medgie, Sincerely and Roxie were summoned over the bridge to have a conversation with Stevie. Lola was praying the Sincerely be sent home at this point.

Medgie was twerking on a guy, taking a shot off of a guy and a woman in the club. Stevie said that he couldn’t have it in the back of his mind that his wife was letting loose to the extent that she was letting lose. Before Medgie left, she caught Elle off-guard and Medgie mushed Elle  in the head. Elle didn’t retaliate.

“I expected her to act like an animal, and that she did,” Elle said.

In the video, Sincerely was Eskimo kissing a guy, exchanging contact information or something with two guys.

Next, Sincerely tried to defend herself, by saying that she is social and people are naturally drawn to her, but it wasn’t looking good for her. Suddenly, Lola showed up on the bridge to intervene. What happens next will be shown on the next episode of the show.

Fast Fact About Sincerely Ward from Match Made in Heaven

Sincerely Ward isn’t a newcomer to the entertainment world. Here, Sincerely Ward  and Michael Ealy are pictured together from The Fast and the Furious 2 (2003).