On the Shahs of Sunset, Lights, Camera, KaftansAsa prepared for her big fashion show. The fashion show was designed to get publicity for her start-up company, Asa Kaftans. In a previous episode of the show, she organized a photo shoot for images for the company’s look book. So, this week she had her hands full, working on her own fashion show. Asa’s mother was concerned about the money she spent on the show, and when she found out that Asa had only about $2,000 left in the company’s budget after paying for the fashion show, Asa’s mother was extremely worried. Asa revealed that the show cost over $50,000.

Reza Farahan and Mike Shouhed met up to get manicures at Hammer and Nails. After they got comfortable and had their Shivas brought to them, they discussed Reza’s comedy act. Reza said that he was taken aback to see Golnesa Gharachedaghi partying that night. He felt that she shouldn’t be smoking and drinking if she was about to get chemotherapy for her arthritis pain.


Nothing makes sense, and I think she’s exaggerating to get attention.


Shahs of Sunset

Mike felt that things were improving in his marriage.  Jessica had been being flirtatious and playful once again. And they spent the night together after Reza’s comedy show.

“Clearly things must be going in the right direction,” Reza surmised.

Next, the cameras took viewers to Dr. Michelle, MJ’s therapist. Apparently although Tommy and Mercedes adore each other, they also bicker a lot. MJ felt that Tommy wasn’t serious enough. The therapist brought up information that MJ is becoming the most shadowy parts of her mother Vita. Tommy said that he couldn’t take her constant ridiculing, but MJ hoped that they simply had a fight, and it wasn’t the end of their relationship.


At Birch Restaurant, Jessica and Mike met for dinner.  He hoped that the dinner was another step towards building a happy and loving relationship. Jessica said that Mike didn’t admit anything that he did, and she was tired of sweeping things under the rug. He would admit that he was a bad husband, but he wouldn’t say what he really did on camera. Jessica was no longer warm and flirtatious. She was distant and cold.


The cameras followed MJ again.  In her condo, she met wit her neighbor Shellene. Tommy had bolted. He took all of his things and moved out. MJ was beginning to think that maybe her attitude too much for someone to handle.

I thought I had a boyfriend!

Mercedes Javid

The Shahs of Sunset


Asa was on location at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, preparing her fashion show. The guests started to arrive. Reva and MJ were the first to arrive. MJ broke the news to Reza about her break-up.

Reza said that he was having trouble making sense of what was going on with Golnessa. She had been on social media talking about her chemotherapy, but her lifestyle hadn’t changed. He also said that she hadn’t changed her attitude for the better since their little camping trip intervention. He questioned Golnesa’s health. Golnesa, patiently explained that she had just heard the day before that she needed to have chemotherapy for two hours once a month. Reza still didn’t believe her. He said he wasn’t sure if she had RA or not, but he thought that she was exaggerating.

Shervin was given the dirty job of asking Golnessa if she really had therapy for RA. He told her that her friends were questioning whether she had RA or not. She told him to get away from her, and in her interview she said that it hurt that her friend Shervin came to her with that question. Her friends knew her situation for five years, she said.

At the fashion show, Mike became suspicious with Jessica when he saw her using her phone constantly. He saw that she was texting someone.

She told him to back down or she was going to out him. Jessica said

They caused such a ruckus that Asa heard about the disagreement inside. They were able to get everything calmed down.

For the past three months, I’ve been protecting Mike and hiding exactly what had happened. I’m tired of making him look like he was a good guy, and I was the crazy one…I’m not going to sit back and protect you when you don’t give a $#% about me.

Jessica Parido

Shahs of Sunset

Photo Credits: SHAHS OF SUNSET — “Lights, Camera, Kaftans”  Pictured: (l-r) Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, Jessica Parido — (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo)

Pictured: (l-r) Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, Mike Shouhed — (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo)

Shahs of Sunset Travel Destination Focus: Birch Restaurant

Mike and Jessica had dinner at Birch Restaurant, a Los Angeles area restaurant with culinary creations by Chef Brendan Collins.

Kick off Saturday night with the perfect dish | Patagonian Prawns | bacon, ajo, blanco, white grape, almond 👌🏻

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Patagonian Prawns

with bacon, ajo, blanco, white grape and almonds

Brussels sprouts | creme fraiche, crisp, smoked pork belly, pecan, and maple. Perfect combination of sweet and savory.

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Brussels sprouts

creme fraiche, crisp, smoked pork belly, pecan, and maple.

Grilled cheese reuben

with a side of fries

Burrata cheese, fava bean crostini, beets, and asparagus 😍 #regram from the lovely @estarla #happyfriday #birchlosangeles

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Burrata cheese

fava bean crostini, beets, and asparagus

Make tonight's dinner epic with the pork shank!

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Pork Shank