Mob Wives Drita D’Avanzo, Big Ang (Angela Raiola) Renee Graziano, and Karen Gravano re-established their bond and gave viewers a peak at a most entertaining show, Wayra Fuerza Bruta. The show includes aerial acrobatics with lighting effects, and sound. This isn’t a sit-down performance. Audience members stand while the acts continue around them. It’s an experience that calls for casual clothes and plenty of stamina for the performers as well as the audience, because the show is 80 minutes long, and the audience gets wet.

The Mob Wives saw the Wayra Fuerza Bruta show at the David Roth Theater in New York. They decided to get together after Renee and Big Ang made up (with the help of Victoria Gotti). The Mob Wives group had been somewhat divided after Natalie Guercio joined their inner-circle. While at Wayra Fuerza Bruta, Renee attempted to bring up the issues, but the other women reminded her that they were there to have fun.

Mob Wives: Renee Graziano Photo by LWP Kommunikacio, CC

Mob Wives cast member Renee Graziano Photo by LWP Kommunikacio, CC


In previous episodes of the Mob Wives, the circle of women had been name-calling and alienating each other at functions. A couple of their boyfriends got involved in the disputes when they tried to calm the situations down. Finally, Big Ang met with Renee and those two were able to squash their beef, mainly because they weren’t about to fight in front of Victoria Gotti whom they both respect a great deal.

Tickets for the show range between $75 to $89 per ticket.