Some of the hot spots in Hollywood were featured in one of hottest new reality TV shows on VH1, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood or LHHH. During the premiere episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, a bit of the backstory for future episodes were set in a hair salon and a barbershop. Where else? Love & Hip Hop Hollywood  showed us a meeting between Moniece and Ray J’s assistant Morgan Hardman. The two women had a discussion at Kim Kimble’s Hair Salon, the setting of another reality TV show L.A. Hair. At the salon, Moniece had her hair curled while she complained that Fizz doesn’t communicate with her about their son.

Kim Kimble LA Hair WE TV was on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Kim Kimble, photo courtesy of WE TV

Teairra Mari and her relationship with Ray J is going to be a major storyline in Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Teairra Mari and Princess, Ray J’s new girlfriend, had it out at the Rain Nightclub after Princess took photos of the contents Teairra’s bag and posted them in social media. Princess showed the pictures to Teairra Mari and mocked her in the night club.  Teairra Mari got angry at Ray J’s assistant, Morgan when Morgan tried to defuse the situation.

Ray J, a member of the LHHH cast Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

Ray J, photo by Bob Bekian

Hustler Hollywood

Meanwhile at Hustler Hollywood, an adult products boutique in West Hollywood Moniece Slaughter and Apryl Jones shopped. Moniece introduced the idea that she wanted to have a conversation with Amanda Secor, the new girlfriend of Lil Fizz, the father of her child. So far, there aren’t any married couples on LHHH.

The Belmont in West Hollywood

Morgan and Teairra Mari met up at a bar/restaurant, the Belmont in West Hollywood. Morgan explained that she didn’t like it when Teairra Mari lashed out at her and she blamed Teairra Mari for the upset at the party, and Teairra Mari explained that she felt that Morgan didn’t support her as a friend. Morgan was angry because she felt that Teairra Mari ruined the party that she organized.

Joseph Beverly Hills

Morgan and Nikki Mudarris met up at another boutique, Joseph of Beverly Hills. Nikki wanted to talk to Morgan about her relationship issues. Apparently, another woman, Masika Kalysha, a video vixen and aspiring actress was coming between Nikki’s lover, Mally Mall. Morgan and Masika are friends, which put Morgan in a precarious position.

The Powder Room

Moniece and Amanda met up in the Power Room, on North Cahuenga, another bar/restaurant Hollywood. There, Moniece said that she was annoyed that Drew (Fizz) would not answer the phone when she calls, but Amanda said that she felt that Moniece did not spend enough time with her son. Amanda said that Moniece didn’t see her son for weeks at a time.

Brickyard Pub

Ray J and Sincere Shaw met up at the Brickyard Pub. Ray J talked about the chaos at the Ray J party (for Ray J revealed that he didn’t like Teairra Mari’s  behavior, after his girlfriend mocked her, at the party. So, Ray J told his pal Sincere that Teairra had something coming.

Ink Monkey

At Ink Monkey in Venice, California Teairra Mari had her tattoo of Ray J removed while her friends cheered. She had her tattoo changed. Of course, a happy occasion went left when Teairra argued with Hazel, and Ray J stopped by to dump a box of Teairra’s belongings on the floor. What’s to come in the first season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? View the supertrailer for LHHH, here.

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