Mr Chow, restaurant a highly acclaimed restaurant with Beijing cuisine and locations in Miami, Malibu, Beverly Hills, New York and London has opened at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The restaurant’s owner, Michael Chow designed the Caesars Palace restaurant, following up on his success in designing his existing restaurants. Mr. Chow also is credited with the design of Giorgio Armani boutiques.


Mr Chows Restaruant

Mr. Chow’s Restaurant opened at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas; Photo courtesy of Caesar’s Palace

Before taking the fist bite at Mr Chow’s, guests are treated to decadence and luxury when they enter the restaurants champagne lounge, where they are invited to partake in high quality champagnes.


Lobby of Mr. Chow's Restaurant

Lobby of Mr. Chow Restaurant

Following a taste from the champagne trolley, Mr. Chow’s guests are then invited to take a private elevator up to the 1,600 square-foot restaurant. The new Mr Chow restaurant seats 250 guests and has four terraces, three private dining rooms and a bar.


Mr Chow Restaurant Bar, photo courtesy of Caesar's Palace

Mr Chow Restaurant Bar, photo courtesy of Caesar’s Palace


Entrées of note include the Ma Mignon, chicken satay, glazed prawns, and turnip puffs. The Beijing duck, carved at guests’ tables, and Mr. Chow noodles are also favorites at Mr Chow.