Minibar by Ben Stephenson

Minibar by Ben Stephenson

A New Zealand liquor law which might come into existence in December 2013 might just prevent guests from taking alcoholic beverages from hotel mini bars whenever they wish. The law prevents liquor sales about four hours a day, therefore, guests would not be able to grab an ice cold one from in-room mini bars whenever they feel the whim to do so.

Perhaps the hotels can install minibars that will only allow patrons to open the bar certain hours of the day. Some ideas thrown around to help hotels comply with the New Zealand liquor law, include simply removing the minibars or keeping the minibars in the rooms, but telling the guests that they are not allowed to drink from them within certain hours. The second idea wouldn’t work, because there will always be some people who will try to drink from the bar anyway. The first option might be a bit too strict, and guests who are accustomed to having access to their alcohol wouldn’t like having no mini bar at all.

I’m waiting to see if this New Zealand liquor law will have hotels filling minibars with solely non-alcoholic drinks, or maybe they will shell out the money for high- tech fridges that won’t open when liquor can’t be sold. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, I guess.

Photo by Ben Stephenson


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