Remember when Evelyn Lozada planned a make-over for Cristen Metoyer? Well, the fall-out from that decision went down when The Basketball Wives decided to go to Palm Springs for a weekend break.  When they arrived to the rental house, they all selected their rooms. Since Evelyn  arranged the trip, she got the master bedroom. Shaunie O’Neal also got a nice room, and Tami Roman was even happy with her room this go-round.  Since Cristen  arrived a little later, she didn’t have very many options left for her, but she chose a decent looking room in the basement (which the women called the dungeon).

Malaysia Pargo and Jackie Christie arrived together. Jackie refused the room, because she said that it looked like something the Dracula lived in, so Jackie selected the air mattress. Then Bonnie-Jill Laflin arrived to the house after dropping her pets off at the pet daycare.

It was time to get the party started. Everyone had arrived to the rental house, so they played the Never Have I Ever game. That was a big mistake. They asked some random questions like Have your slept with a soccer player before? Have you ever shoplifted before? Then… have you ever slept with a married man? Crickets.

All of the women looked at Evelyn, especially Tami. She knew that Evelyn had slept with another man, because she had slept with her husband. Tami was tired of all of the lying, and since the two had mended their friendship, there was the fear that they would become enemies again, but that didn’t happen. Evelyn admitted that technically she had slept with Tami’s husband, although Tami had filed for divorce by the time that Evelyn had slept with him.

So, everything was smoothed over, until Evelyn announced to Cristen that she had a makeover planned for her. This completely shocked Cristen in the worst way.

The conversation veered to Brandi, and Tami was quick to say that she wasn’t feeling her and didn’t want to be around her. Tami blamed Brandi for hyping up Duffey to come up at her. She felt that what Brandi did was rude and disrespectful, because she was telling Duffey not to be a punk. Tami said that she was looking at Brandi and saw/heard her telling her not to back down. So, Tami and Duffey had an altercation, which could have been serious, seeing that they were in Portugal.

Malaysia said in her testimonial that Duffey is an adult and she did what she wanted to do. However, Tami made it very clear that she didn’t want to be around Brandi at all.

The next day, the women were around, enjoying mimosas and chef-prepared food, when Evelyn told Cristen about her surprise for her; she had a makeover planned for her. Now, Christian was surprised, indeed, in a bad way. She still felt self-conscious about the extra weight she had put on from her pregnancy and miscarriage. Cristen told the cameras that she felt that she was being judged by the other women on the trip, so she wanted to get away from them.

Cristen Metoyer, photo courtesy of VH1

In walks the stylist Saniy’yah Samaa, ready to do the makeover for Cristen. Saniy’yah acted as though Cristen really needed a make-over badly, something that no woman wants to hear. Cristen was highly offended, and started to cry. She felt backstabbed by Evelyn. To make matters worse, Saniy’yah said that she meme that said that sometimes you are not ugly, you are just broke, and she thought that fit the situation. So, she was trying to say that Cristen was broke? She told the woman that she could do something for her to fit her budget, and that some people just do not know how to dress. To top all of that off she said that she does not have any style. Even Tami felt that Saniy’ya had gone too far.

Saniy’yah later apologized once she realized the depth of Cristen’s pain. Evelyn felt bad and apologized too. Cristen, however, blamed Evelyn for “setting everything up” and possible “setting her up.”

Later they all went out to dinner at Eight 4 Nine. They relaxed and had some drinks. Obviously drunk Saniy’yah said that she had dated a basketball player; he was the top person in the NBA. Shaunie was pretty certain that he knew the player’s identity, and he felt that Saniy’yah a homewrecker. Saniyyah was the player’s arm piece. Saniy’yah said that she loved the guy, and she started crying at the table. him. In fact she was with him two days before his wedding. Then Malaysia goes to the restroom, and returns with Brandi. One look at her, and Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami all left. Tami had just said that she didn’t want to be around Brandi!

Basketball Wives Restaurant Focus: Eight Four Nine

Eight 4 Nine is where the group from Basketball Wives LA had dinner while in Palm Springs after the failed attempt to makeover Cristen Metoyer. Unfortunately, their visit was cut short, because when Malaysia brought Brandi, half of the group got up and left.  Eight 4 Nine specializes in modern American cuisine (gluten free options are available).