Bobby Giancola, Lauren Cohen, and Hannah Ferrier were wrapped up in some lies on Below Deck Mediterranean 2, Season 2, Episode 3 It seems that Hanna might have told Lauren to Bobby was no good. Lauren and Bobby dated in the past, and Bobby invited Lauren out since they were both in New York, but he also invited a couple of other girls out that same night. Hannah was at the club, too, and she said that she couldn’t believe that Bobby had done that to Lauren and she would be embarrassed if she were Lauren.

Bobby called both Hannah and Lauren together to meet him so he could get Lauren to back him up and admit that Hannah had been trash talking him. There was no way that Lauren was going to back him up since she worked for Hannah on the ship and had already agreed that she had Hannah’s back. Bobby was completely blind sighted when he asked Lauren to tell her (in front of Hannah) what Hannah had said, and Lauren said that she couldn’t even remember.

Right after the confrontation, Lauren called Ben Robinson, the previous chef from Below Deck Mediterranean, Season 1. Ben and Laura dated in the past (but they seemed to be involved in this episode). Lauren told Bravo that they currently do not talk to each other.

A few years ago Bobby was in love with a woman that he’d hoped to marry. She wasn’t as into him because he didn’t make enough money for her. He said that he left the fire department and tried to get a job making more money.  So, Bobby was trying to find another woman out in the world who was like the one that he’d “lost”, and so far on the Below Deck ship, he had his eye on Malia White.

Jim McBride, Mr. Skin, his wife, and some of his key employees were guests. They wished to have a Naked News photo shoot on the ship. Adam had his work cut out for him with all of the guests’ special diets, vegan, raw, and fish. On the deck Wes and Malia chatted. They kind of liked each other, and Malia called Wes the kind of guy that she should date. He’s sweet and cute, but Malia always seems to end up with the bad boy type, like Bobby.

Bugsy got a note from her mother and found out that her grandmother had died. She was determined to get her job done. The guests frolicked in all of their nudeness and Bugsy helped out during the Naked News broadcast.

Captain Sandy Yawn decided that she wanted to tie the Sirocco to two rocks to dock it, but the wind started to pick up and they were in danger of hitting the rocks. She asked Max to push the ship with a small tender. It wasn’t quite working out at all. The guests were oblivious to all that was happening, and things were getting pretty intense. Of course, that’s when the episode ended.