Stephanie Hollman was making plans for her husband’s birthday on the Real Housewives of Dallas episode that aired on She had to plan his yearly elaborate over-the-top party, which was getting difficult. Travis Hollman suggested that she bring their personal shopper with them to make sure that she did little things, like get the prices for the things she wanted and maybe even get him a gift. The previous year she got him one session (and one only) of laser hair removal for his back. How thoughtful.


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Cary Deuber was also planning a party for her daughter, Zurie, their 3-year-old daughter.

Brandi Redmond joined Stephanie to shop for Travis’ birthday. Stephanie was leaning wards a Great Gatsby theme.

Real Housewives of Dallas Great Gatsby Party


LeeAnne Locken and Rich sat down together at Live Foods. LeeAnne chatted about her participation in the Grace Project, a safe place conference for women with HIV. LeeAnne was asked to be the keynote speaker. LeeAnne revealed that she was molested as a teen and felt ashamed and she had something in common with the women, because many of them also felt ashamed.

Stephanie wasn’t sure if she wanted to invite LeeAnne to the party, because although she was cool with LeeAnne, Brandi and LeeAnne did not get along.

Meanwhile, LeeAnne wanted to invite Stephanie to the conference, so Stephanie could witness her lifting up others with her voice. Brandi, wouldn’t really appreciate that, because she felt that LeeAnne talked about herself to much.

At the Grace Project Conference LeeAnne shone like a star on stage, but much more, she gave that light to the women who were HIV positive. Stephanie came to the event and was impressed, and Tiffany was glad that Stephanie saw LeeAnne in a different light.

Travis wanted Stephanie to jump out of cake for his birthday. Stephanie called Brandi and shared updates about the party and that she was going to invite LeeAnne after hearing and seeing her in action at the charity event. Travis told Stephanie exactly what she should do for his birthday, and she told him that sometimes he treats her like a child, and she wanted him to take a step back and do it on her own. They both talked about their upbringing and they decided that they grew up very differently but opposites attract.

Brandi decided to meet with LeeAnne to try yet again to clear the air between them. Cary and Mark had a birthday party celebration for their daughter. She didn’t want all of the gifts that Mark bought. She even said that he didn’t want it (in her 3-year-old baby voice.)

At Sissy’s Southern Kitchen Brandi went to meet LeeAnne. LeeAnne heard about Brandi’s brother and his suicide attempt put some things into perspective for her. Even LeeAnne was willing to shrug off their petty arguments and move on. Brandi revealed that she understood now how LeeAnne’s stories impacted lives, and she apologized for her silly humor. Brandi had enjoyed mocking how LeeAnne always talked about herself during events.


LeeAnne said that she had showed a side of herself that she wasn’t proud of. LeeAnne said that she wanted to get to know Brandi, and it was their day to move forward. Before that day, she’d would have said that she wouldn’t get to know Brandi unless hell was freezing over.


At Whatchamacallit Boutique, Stephanie and Brandi went to go and try on dresses. Brandi told Stephanie that she made up with LeeAnne and Stephanie was glad. The two found dresses that they liked at Whatchamacallit.

Everyone was getting ready for Travis’ party. Stephanie, of course wanted it to be drama free.  They all wore clothes from the Great Gatsby era at Gatsby Nightclub (now permanently closed). LeeAnne and Brandi actually had a conversation with Brandi and there was no drama. Brandi even thought it would be nice to invite LeeAnne and Tiffany to Austin.

Stephanie was pleased about Travis’ birthday. Cary was a little annoyed that Brandi invited LeeAnne to go to Austin for her birthday, but she decided that it was best to keep your friends close and enemies closer.


Real Housewives of Dallas Travel Destination Focus: Sissy’s Southern Kitchen

You’ll find traditional hometown-style food glammed up at Sissy’s Southern Kitchen in Dallas, Texas. It was the setting for the shocking discussion between Brandi and LeeAnne in which they both apologized and decided to get to know each other better. Maybe it was the old favorites like fried chicken, catfish po’boys, and smothered pork chops at Sissy’s that helped give them a change of heart.

Deviled Eggs


Fried Chicken



Catfish Poboy


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Spicy ChickenChicken Fried Flatiron Steak


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