The Real Housewives of Atlanta trip to Maui was drama-packed as usual. Kandi Burruss confronted Porsha Williams about lying. Porsha insisted that Kandi had a sex dungeon, Kandi and Todd spoke about drugging Porsha and taking her to the sex  dungeon.

But Kandi had told the group that Porsha had propositioned her to have a sex session. At first Porsha denied it. Then she said that she was very drunk and maybe she did say it (which gave Kandi some satisfaction).

Sherée Whitfield and her ex Bob had been trying to get together again, and the trip was going to serve as a test as to whether or not there was any hope for them to reunite. Unfortunately, Bob said some hurtful things to Sherée. He acted like it was not a big deal that he choked her, and said that he should have choked Sherée harder. Bob also laughed about what he’d said in the past about unstrapping her seat belt and hitting the brakes, so she would go through the windshield.

After his heartless reactions to incidents in the past, Sherée knew that she could not resume a relationship with Bob. He wanted to pursue a relationship, but Sherée saw that the things that she didn’t like about him in the past hadn’t changed.

Although Sherée and Bob were having their problems, Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas were getting along pretty well. Cynthia bought Peter a Bible for his birthday, and they were able to laugh together and enjoy themselves like old friends during the RHOA trip to Hawaii. It appeared that Cynthia got her wish. She didn’t lose her friend.

Meanwhile Kenya Moore planned a divorce party for Cynthia and Phaedra Parks. Cynthia really wasn’t into the party, and Phaedra definitely didn’t like the party’s concept. Phaedra walked out, saying that she was sick and needing some ginger ale. Cynthia stayed at the party, because she felt that Kenya had good intentions.

Phaedra sent a text message to Porsha, telling her why she really left the Divorce Party. She felt that Kenya wanted to celebrate or was encouraging her to celebrate the demise of her marriage. Phaedra felt it was wrong to celebrate the break-up of her marriage. Her young sons no longer have both of their parents living with them, after all.

Kenya was baffled, because she had been on good terms with Phaedra. She thought that they’d put their past arguments behind them and that Phaedra had gotten over any hard feelings that she’d had about Kenya.

It seems, however, that although they’d hugged it out, Phaedra still had a bad taste in her mouth about Kenya’s flirtations with Apollo (Kenya insisted that nothing ever went on, and Apollo, himself, had admitted to spreading lies about Kenya). Maybe he was trying to make Phaedra jealous. Nevertheless, Kenya had hoped that she could have a friendship with Phaedra, but after the Maui trip, Kenya figured out that Phaedra’s forgiveness was phony.

Images of the RHOA in Maui

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