On the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills episode, Skeletons in the Closet which aired at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on May 30, 2016 on E!, Brendan Fitzpatrick and Morgan Stewart shopped at Williams Sonoma for some expensive household goods to put on their wedding registry, and Dorothy Wang had her Birkins appraised.

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Dorothy Wang’s $250,000 Worth of Birkins

Dorothy Wang had a blue Birkin that smelled like marijuana and was worth about $25,000. Her Hermes crocodile Birkin was worth up to $80,000. Two others were worth $30,000 each.

When she was not describing her bags, Dorothy talked about her party and how Bianca Espada showed up with a security guard when no one thought that she needed one. “Don’t try to be that bi*** if you aren’t that bi***,” Dorothy said.



The appraiser said that Dorothy’s bags were worth $250,000 (at least). Jonny Drubel bought Bianca some flowers and Ciroc. He invited Bianca to his show at the Highline in New York. After hearing her explain how took a commercial flight home rather than go home on a private flight with Dorothy and how Dorothy made her cry, Jonny said that although he loves Bianca, she’s a crazy bi**.

Bianca was even angry that Dorothy came and apologized to her after everything was over, and she called Dorothy a monster.

Morgan met with Chelsea, her publicist (at a natural juice bar). Her publicist had some great news. She set up a meeting with Jennifer Weiner, the New York Times Bestselling author of “In Her Shoes”. Weiner could give Morgan some useful advice and help her make the connections that she needed to get her book published. Everything worked out well, because she had to meet Weiner in New York, and Morgan was planning to go there for her wedding gown fitting.

Before she left for New York, Morgan talked to Dorothy about an ex who broke her heart. Morgan planned to write about him and other men that she had relationships and sexual encounters in her tell-all book.

Next on the Rich Kids of Beverly Kids, Brendan met with his groomsmen for to get their tuxedo measurements, and at that time, he introduced his friend, Dave. The guys talked about going to Cabo for Brendan’s bachelor party.

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Morgan went to New York to try on her Badgley Mischka wedding dress. The designers invited Morgan to their fashion show, and she was thrilled, because it was her first high-end fashion show, which is absolutely unbelievable.

Back in California on Rich Kids, Dorothy and Jonny went grocery shopping for the Chinese New Year, so she wouldn’t be able to make it to Jonny’s performance, but they had fun shopping together.

At their meeting, at the Tribeca Grill, in New York Jennifer Weiner broke the news that Morgan’s proposed book title wasn’t going to fly if she wanted to sell it in Wal-Mart. She was planning to use the title, Boobs Lubes and Blow Jobs. Jennifer Weiner talked, suggested the title, Whore of New York, and gave her some tips about her book. Morgan decided that maybe right before her wedding might not be the best time for her to write a tell-all, but she promised to get the author 50 pages completed.

Morgan had dinner with a couple of her friends, Alex and Jon, in New York, and she told them that her book was going to be extremely detailed, “like morning after pill detailed” as she put it.

“Who are you going to write about in your book,” Jon asked.

“I’m going to write about all of the boys that you know,” Morgan answered.

Brendan, his friend Saachi Cywinski, and Brendan’s mom went cake tasting. Cakes on the lower end of the scale were $2,000, and they went up from there.

When Morgan and Brendan got together to talk about the meeting about the book, Brendan said that he would prefer another title, but he supported her. Some of his misgivings came after his mom and Saachi asked questions about it. They wanted to know how detailed the book would be.

EJ hung out with his friend Drew. Kyle called and they discussed the plans for his Jaded Nail launch party. Speaking parties, Jonny invited Bianca to his DJ party, and Morgan definitely didn’t think that was a good idea. At the DJ event, Bianca and Morgan talked about Bianca’s behavior at the party. Bianca insisted that she felt attacked by Dorothy. Then Bianca had the nerve to say that she doesn’t like waiting in bathroom lines and her security guard “parts the red sea” so she can cut the line and go to the bathroom. Morgan said that she waits in that line.

While, Dorothy spent the Chinese New Year with her family, Jonny did his DJ magic in New York. Bianca brought two of her friends with her to the DJ event, so she’d have someone to talk to.

Meanwhile, EJ had his launch party for his nail color, Jaded. EJ, Drew and Kyle wore camouflage to the successful event. All of the proceeds from the nail color went to the LBGT center of New York.

Brendan still questioned the title of Morgan’s book, Boobs, Lubes, and Blowjobs. He told Morgan that if she accepts the book title and uses it, she had to accept everything the criticism from the title, too. He didn’t want to hear her complaints about any backlash she might receive from it.

Travel Destination Focus from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

Morgan and Author, Jennifer Weiner met the Tribeca Grill in New York, so Morgan can get some advice on her book. The Tribeca Grill where selections include mint and ricotta ravioli, pan roasted Amish chicken, New York strip steak, lobster salad, porkchops, and crispy crabcake appetizers.

Tribeca Grill, New York



Crispy Crabcakes

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Lobster Salad

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Tribeca Chocolate Cake

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