Luann de Lesseps couldn’t take the negativity about her relationship with John. After Ramona left, the other women continued to gossip about her. Jules finally stood up to Bethenny Frankel and told her that she didn’t appreciate it when she calls her stupid and Bethenny was pretty stunned.

Bethenny said in her confessional that her humor comes from finding the humor in everyday things, and since Jules self-depreciates herself, she’s wide open to be the focus of jokes. Jules went on to say that she loves her body and if anyone had anything to say about her body, that person should tell her to her face. Jules went on to say that she didn’t like that Bethenny talked behind her back about her marriage. Jules must have looked at Dorinda, because Bethenny realized that Jules and Dorind had discussed this matter. Bethenny insisted that she likes Jules and her husband and she didn’t say anything nasty about Jules’ marriage.

Luann and Ramona Singer talked about what happened at dinner the night before. Ramona felt disappointed when Luann questioned her support. “Ramona’ you have my back, don’t you?” she had said.

“Luann how could you question that when I was the one trying to get you in the good graces with Carol and Bethenny and working so hard on that?”

Then why are you talking smack about me with Dorinda,” Luann said.

Luann and Ramona met up to talk during a walk in New York. Luann told Ramona directly that she heard from Dorinda that she had been talking about her, and Dorinda told Luann that Ramona was not her friend. Luann was mad that Ramona kept talking about how she’d dated Tom.

I’m in love. I’m getting married again. Why can’t you be happy for me? Instead, you find every dirty laundry you could find, and you throw it out on the table.


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It takes a woman four seasons to get to really get to know someone, Ramona said. She tried to tell Ramona that people do not get to know each other when the times are good. They get to know someone when tragedy hits. “It takes time,” Ramona said.

“I know when I know,” Ramona fired back. “Maybe you don’t have that gift, but I do. Ramona instead that she was going to her deathbed with Tom. “…Don’t judge me. It’s none of your business.”

Carole and Adam made pizza in her apartment. Bethenny and Dorinda came over and talked about the night before.  They spoke candidly about Jules and her eating disorder

Later, Sonja had her own gathering, a dinner party for Dorinda and Jules and their significant others. Jules set Sonja up with a man named Rocko. Sonja was thrilled that Jules set her up with him, because it turned out that she actually knew and respected him. Of course, the infamous dinner at Roxanne’s came up. Jules was disappointed in Carole and Bethenny, especially Bethenny because she share private information with her. Jules felt that Bethenny used what she knew against her.

Carole and Bethenny broke my trust. I would never ever tell them anything about my life again.


All Bets Are Off, Real Housewives of New York, RHONY

The women were on their way to the Mohegan Sun Resort in Connecticut, a trip that Ramona arranged. They were all comfortable in a party bus. Bethenny apologized to Sonja for screaming at her and refusing to talk to her after Sonja announced her Tipsy Girl product line. Her apology was good enough for Sonja.

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