Love & Hip Hop Hollywood took viewers to a restaurant in Malibu, a pub in L.A., two clubs, an stage, and shoe shopping in Hollywood. By the end of the episode someone got fired. Yes. Morgan might have messed up her coin, but maybe she’ll have some future hosting opportunities. When you are in Hollywood, where things happened is just as important as what happened. Let’s put aside most of the drama, and find out where the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast members were while performing, hosting, chatting, and getting hired or fired.


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Photo courtesy of VH1


Neptune’s Net

Yesi and Morgan Hardman met up at Neptune’s Net, a seafood restaurant in Malibu. Yesi wanted to ask Morgan if she would do some red carpet interviews at PowerHouse.  It appears that Yes and Morgan did more talking than eating, but Neptune’s Net has a great ocean view, and menu includes seafood, burgers and such from the grill, and sandwiches.  On that clear sunny day, Morgan couldn’t help but be concerned about how Ray J would feel about her taking the day off, but she decided that Ray would be happy for her.

1739 Public House

Fizz invited Omarion to 1739 Public House, a casual pub in Los Angeles, to discuss his issues with Moniece, the mother of his child, and Amanda, his new girlfriend. Omarion said he was wondering if Fizz wanted a woman in his life or if he was more interested in having a mother for his child.

Penthouse West Hollywood
Masika Kalysha met with Sam to discuss an agreement to be the face of a strip club called the Ace of Diamonds, which is planned to open in Las Vegas. Masika had been the bottle girl at Sam’s club, and happily accepted the modeling jobs. She also found out that while Sam was an owner of the club, Nikki Mudarris’ family owned the property.

Philippe Chow Beverly Hills
Fizz and Amanda Secor met up to have dinner at Philippe Chow, a Chinese Restaurant. There is a New York location of the restaurant as well.
At the restaurant the couple discussed Fizz’s desire for Amanda to play a greater role in his son’s life. Fizz wanted to know why Amanda wasn’t fully committing to the relationship.

Honda Center, Anaheim
PowerHouse an event jam-packed with concerts was held at the Honda Center and Ray J was angry, because Morgan wasn’t working. He complained  that he was thirsty, and he didn’t have an assistant to get him a drink

RnB Live

Teairra Mari had a performance at RnB Live, an entertainment venue that has had performances from greats like Faith Evans, Stevie Wonder and Brandy. Artists can perform in a more intimate setting at this club, which has been known to showcase veterans as well as up-and-coming talent. Artists perform with a 10-piece band under the leadership of executive producer Ted Dozier. By the way, Lil Mo of R&B Divas had her album release party on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at RnB Live.

Shiekh Shoes Hollywood

Fizz and Amanda went shoe shopping at Shiekh Shoes for new athletic shoes for Fizz’s son. Shiekh Shoes isn’t just for kids, though. The store has shoes for men and women as well. Heels, flats, and handbags are in Shiekh’s inventory.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.