This episode of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Runaway Bride, which aired at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on June 19 2016 gave viewers a peak at Morgan and Brendan’s wedding.

The episode began with Dorothy meeting with Jonny at Go Greek. She caught him up on the situation between herself and Morgan. Dorothy shared with Jonny tidbits about how Bianca told her that Morgan had been talking about her behind her back and called her a Twinkie, a racial slur. She told him how uncomfortable she felt at Morgan’s bachelorette party. Dorothy even said that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to participate in the wedding. Jonny felt that Dorothy should still be a part of such a big event in Morgan’s life.


Morgan had her bridal shower and noticed that Dorothy was not there, and her mother, Susan, and her maid of honor, Zahra noticed it too. Then Morgan explained why Dorothy probably didn’t come, and her mother said that she understood and that Morgan was wrong. “I hope it’s going to work out for you, Morgan,” her mother said. Morgan had some serious wedding jitters. She was afraid of married, and no longer being as spontaneous as she was when she was single. The thought of it was stressing her out a lot.

Laura Baron, a relationship expert, visited Dorothy in her home and Dorothy talked about the issues she had been having with Morgan and Bianca. She described Bianca as showy, and talked about how Bianca brought her own security guards to her part.

Some people assume that because you could buy whatever you want, you can have all of the happiness in the world, too, but that’s just not the case. Sometimes it’s the opposite. More money, more problems. Puff Daddy said it.

Dorothy Wang

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

Laura told her that she didn’t have to cut anyone off completely, but Morgan needs to understand that she was inappropriate and unacceptable.

Laura advised Dorothy that Bianca should have delivered the information to her in a loving, safe, kind way.  Dorothy felt that Bianca used information had to hurt her, so Bianca could make herself look better. Bianca wanted to use the information to pull her away from Morgan.

Laura assured Dorothy that nobody has the right to be in her circle and treat her any kind of way. Most of all Laura, wanted Dorothy to be empowered.

Brendan made arrangements for a tent to be placed on the lawn for the wedding, because rain was in the forecast on their wedding day.  Morgan, clearly didn’t like the tent and was concerned that the two of them were arguing over it days before the wedding.

Dorothy and Morgan got together at the Crescent Hotel. Morgan said that she missed seeing Dorothy at her bridal shower, and she was sorry for what she said, but it wasn’t malicious. Dorothy was very direct when she told Morgan that she always says stuff that makes people feel bad.


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Morgan and EJ shopped for lingerie at Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie. She explained that Brendan was pouting around the house but would not tell her what was wrong. EJ suggested that she get away and join him in New York for a little fun.

When Morgan proposed the idea to Brendan, he basically told her that he didn’t think that it was a good idea. Morgan explained that she just wanted to laugh and have fun,  but it was just a week before their wedding, and the fact that she wanted to go away was off-putting.

Jonny celebrated his birthday at Flaming Saddles and Dorothy filled him in on her friendship with Morgan and Bianca. And when Bianca arrived to the party, Dorothy told her that she didn’t like how she used information that she knew about Morgan to manipulate her friendship with Morgan. Bianca was surprised that Dorothy was frustrated with her, but she felt that Dorothy didn’t seem to be as frustrated with Morgan.

Dorothy had a basketball outing with basketball player, Quincy Pondexter, who is also someone who she had a relationship with. She made it clear that they were just friends and would be in each other lives, but were not in a romantic relationship. The two shot some baskets together.

Meanwhile, Morgan and EJ danced and partied the night away at Nighty Night in New York. Morgan couldn’t help but wonder what Brendan was doing, and she was ready to get home after a short time.

It was Morgan’s wedding day, and all of her friends were there. Dorothy was present and served as a bridesmaid. There was an announcement made at the wedding that social networking in reference to the wedding was not allowed. Morgan Stewart’s wedding ceremony was held outside, at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in California and the weather looked like it was clear and beautiful. As Brendan waited for his bride-to-be to come out, he was nervous but his fears dissolved when he saw Morgan.

Walking down the aisle towards Brendan is the most special moment I’ve ever had in my entire life. Just to see him, my future husband, standing literally right across from me as we’re about to express how much we love each other is really, really, really amazing.

Morgan Stewart

Rich Kids of Beverly Kids

The reception was held in a tent. EJ and Jonny talked about how hot Bianca’s brother was, and EJ challenged Dorothy to get close to him and send Bianca a snapchat of it.

Dorothy did talk to Jordan during the wedding.

There’s nothing but love and happiness for her and Brendan on this day, Dorothy said.

Saatchi gave a touching speech during the wedding, and everyone was happy.

EJ and Elisa

The first episode of EJNYC aired as the second part of this Rich Kids of Beverly Hills episode. EJNYC officially airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. Eastern on E! But here is how the spin off began on Sunday. After the wedding, EJ had a going away party at Dodger Stadium and his sister Elisa was there. Their father, Magic Johnson is part owner of the Dodgers. EJ also introduced his friends Kyle and Drew and talked about his move to New York.

EJ was staying in a penthouse of a hotel while in New York, and he complained that Elisa’s boyfriend Anthony was living in the family’s New York apartment. Anthony’s a model, signed with an agency in New York and in other places around the world. Anthony, actually flirted with EJ first, and then went after his sister. Needless to say, EJ did not like Anthony at all. Elisa was getting ready for a celebration. She had her 21st birthday party in the Bahamas with her family, but her family was throwing her an even larger party in New York.

EJ said that he had lost some trust in Elisa, because he felt that she didn’t have his back when she became open to having relationship with Anthony. Elisa wanted EJ to move on emotionally, and maybe even befriend her boyfriend, but EJ refused to even talk to Anthony at this point.

At a cocktail party at EJ’s place, Elisa said that she couldn’t believe that EJ was still angry, six months after she and Anthony met. Although EJ claimed that Anthony kissed him on the lips, and led him on, Elisa refused to believe it.

You need to have had my back and deuced him on to the great beyond! EJ Johnson

EJ Johnson


Both EJ’s and Elisa’s friends came to party. There was some talk about Sanaz, one of EJ’s friends. Sanaz dated someone who EJ had dated and Elisa’s friends felt that she snubbed them at the party.

She had just gotten back from Istanbul.

EJ vented to his friends about how Elisa didn’t support him, and Elisa vented to her friends about  how much she really cared about Anthony, and she didn’t want to cut it off with him, as EJ wanted.

EJ sat and had a meal with his mother, Cookie Johnson. He told her that he wanted to start a fashion line, and she gave him some advice, since she has her own denim line. She suggested that he collaborate with another designer.

EJ and his friend Kyle got together at Cata RestaurantKyle has his own consulting company, to help elevate companies to the level of a luxury brand.

Elisa and Anthony sat on a park bench and talked. Elisa felt as though she was torn between the guy that she loves and her brother. EJ and agreed to be cordial and civil at the party. Elisa ran-down the short list of people who would be at her party. Anthony wasn’t happy to find out that DJ, Elisa’s ex was going to be there. Elisa wanted Anthony to be cool with the fact that she was still friends with her ex.

EJ and Elisa tried on the custom-made outfits that they planned to wear at the party. Elisa felt that she should detach herself from Anthony, because she didn’t want to have a rift between her and her brother. She didn’t know what she should do.

Before her party, at the venue, Elisa and EJ talked. EJ just wanted to see his sister happy, and he said that he would allow her to be happy, but Anthony had to move out of the family’s New York apartment.

Dorothy Wang and Ezra and Morgan Stewart and Jon came to the party. Of course, Anthony, showed up, too.

Elisa was happy to see DJ at the party. For some reason, they went to the bathroom together, and Anthony caught them.