Feb 12 2015

In this inspirational quote, The starting point of all achievement is desire. by Napoleon Hill tells us that us that we must first want to achieve something before we actually do succeed.

How  Quote This Applies to Travel

When it comes to traveling, you must have the desire to go somewhere and do something about that desire. A strong desire to get up and do something is the starting point.  Of course, the desire must follow the action.s necessary to reach your goal.

Many people have the desire to do something extraordinary, but their desire just ends there. It’s easy to allow life to get in the way and serve as blocks to keep you from doing what you want to do.

Try to keep the flame of desire burning. Even if something or several things sidetrack you from traveling, don’t like these troubles extinguish your desires. Work on the problems a little at a time, a few problems at a time and work towards your goals steadily.