Down to six teams on the Amazing Race, the teams were instructed to take a flight to Dubai in the episode that aired at 8 p.m. on April 15, 2016 on CBS. All of the teams were on one flight to the UAE. After they landed in Dubai, they looked for marked cars. The teams had to drive cars from the airport to a sandy location in Dubai. They all made it to the highway, but did they all make it off?

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This is where good navigational skills came in. “The worst thing that we could do is miss our exit,” Sheri said just before they missed their exit. Sheri was driving.

The teams then looked for some Amazing Race flags once they made it off off the highway. Unfortunately, Sheri and Cole got lost on their way to get the next clue. They missed an exit and it was all downhill from there.

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Once the Amazing Race teams reached the next clue location, they ran up a sandy hill to a rustic tent where they were greeted by the local people with a traditional nose rub. Eyes were wide open and noses were touched in an intimate greeting that made some of the men uncomfortable, because the local people were all men. They then each picked up the Travelosity Gnomes and headed off.

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But Brodie and Kurt got their truck stuck in the sand and had to figure out how to get out, which took a little time, because they tried to use a backpack for friction. In time, they were on their way.

Next the teams had to choose their Detour, racing camels or oasis. For racing camels, the teams had to race the running camels while both team members rode bicycles for a 2 km stretch. Oasis included walking across the desert.

The camels in the Race Detour were not ordinary camels, they were actual racing camels, of course, and there was a truck with a screaming man urging the camel on. The camels could reach speeds of up to about 40 mph. Both members of each team had to beat the camel in a race to earn the clue. If they were not successful the first time, they were able to have a head-start and race again.

Kurt and Brodie made it to the Detour in time and were eventually able to beat the camels, but their legs were burning at the end.

Who is faster? Racers or camels!! Teams race camels in the Dubai desert on #AmazingRace 2nite 8/7c @CBS

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For the Oasis Detour, the teams had to walk across the open desert for about a mile and lead four camels to a camp.

Next, the teams has a Roadblock. They had to make their way to Atlantis at the Palms and its Aquaventre waterpark.

Once at the Aquaventure waterpark, one team member had to get into a 750,000 gallon tank full of sharks and retrieve a puzzle at the bottom. That same person had to solve this tricky puzzle.

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“We can’t just break it on floor and put it together? Because that would be a lot easier,” Dana said as she tried to manipulate the encapsulated puzzle in which the racers had to get the words, “Race” to appear in the glass capsule.

Once they solved the puzzle, they moved on to their next challenge. While wearing shiny gold disco-looking swimsuits, the racers had to slide down a new waterslide called Poseidon’s Revenge. It’s twice as long as the Leap of Faith waterslide. Each team member had to experience the ride.

“’s a little too much show here,” Kurt said of his tight gold swim trunks, “so I was very quick to get in the water to hide myself.”

Finally, they took water taxis across Dubai Creek to meet Phil at the Old Souq Station. Brodie and Kurt made it to the mat first and Burnie and Ashley were second. In last place was Sheri and her son Cole who got further behind when they got lost trying to get to the waterpark. They got lucky, because this leg of the race was a non-elimination leg.

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Atlantis at the Palm is a five star hotel in Dubai, which opened in 2008 on the man-made Palm Jumeirah Island. The hotel has 23 restaurants, concierge services, chauffeaur services, helicopter services, luxury vehicle rentals, babysitting, The Atlantis at the Palm resort, with its unforgettable architecture overlooks the Arabian Gulf.

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How many days left until you stay with us? #atlantisthepalm #dubai

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Aquaventure at Atlantis at the Palm

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